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How do I eat at home? Oh, let me count the ways.

My cooking continues it’s evolution to creating simple recipes with amazing ingredients. I’m basically Ina Garten without her money or motivation. Totally fair comparison. Enjoy the ever changing recipes as I keep making them streamlined, simple, delicious and friend approved!

NOTES: While not vegan, I think it’s important to eat a lot of vegetarian or vegan meals to be eco-friendly and kinder. So many of the recipes are experiments in meatless endeavors.

Because I live in Korea, most of my recipes can have substitutions found anywhere in the world. If subs can be made, I will include it!

~ Crystal

Apps | Snacks

Amazingly Dressed Goat Cheese

Lemon + Parmesan Fries

Maple Cookie Butter Baked Granola

Sesame Sticky Rice Balls

 Whole Wheat Crackers


Strawberry Banana Bread

Strawberry Banana Bread

Cornbread Waffles with Kimchi & Eggs

Artisan Bread (vegan)

Olive Oil Drop Biscuits 

Strawberry Banana Bread (vegan)

Spinach Tortillas (vegan)

Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits

Breakfast | Brunch

Loaded Breakfast Fries recipe found at title

Loaded Breakfast Fries

Loaded Breakfast Fries 

Beetroot Quiche 

French Crepes 

Mushroom & Egg Tart  

Omelette Your Way

Savory Breakfast Pancakes

Savory French Toast

Fish | Seafood | Chicken

Crispy Skinned Fish

Autumn Spiced Salmon 

Salmon Burger Patties

Salmon Burgers with Avocado Cream

Brined and Roasted Chicken 

Pan Fried Calamari 

Salmon Steak + Balsamic Sauce

Salmon Burger with Avocado Cream

Seafood Pajeon (Korean Pancake)


East | Meets | West

Avocado + Tuna Brown Rice Bowl 


Bacon + Guac Spring Rolls 

California Dak Galbi 

Chicken + Zucchini Cheese Ddeokbokki

Fried Tofu Sandwich

Kimchi Nachos

Lemon Shrimp + Soba Noodles

Potato + Spinach Mandu

Korean Spiced Chili (vegan)

Sweet | Tooth

Banana & Nutella “Ice Cream”

Crepe Cake 

Summer Fruits Meringue with Lime Curd


Summer Fruits Meringue with Lime Curd

Chocolate + Roasted Banana Bread

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Coconut Oil Pastry Crust (vegan)

French Apple Tart  (vegan)

Mexican Chocolate Cake

Persimmon Pudding Cake

Strawberry Hand Pies

Vegan Chocolate Cake with PB Granola


Vegetables | Fruits

Acorn Squash Pasta Sauce

Crispy Potato Roast  

Potato Roast 2

Crispy Potato Roast

Harvest Slaw 

Homemade Pasta Sauce

Roasted Cabbage

Roasted Tomato Soup

Roasted Corn Soup

Salade Nicoise

Summer Fruits Salad 

Vegetarian Mains | Sides

Creamy Tofu Soup

Polenta & Roasted Garlic, Brussel Sprouts and Sunchoke


Creamy Tofu Soup

Polenta with Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes 

Vegetable Pasta with Fried Tofu 

Roasted Bok Choy & Tofu Dumplings

Spinach + Kale Lasagna Rolls

Whole Wheat Orzo + Roasted Vegetables

Zucchini + Mushroom Ravioli

Zucchini Goat Cheese Rolls + Mushroom Pasta

Drinks | Fizz

Honeydew + Kiwi Frozen Margarita

Sangria Slushies

Strawberry & Applemint Margarita

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