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Vegan Chocolate Cake | with pb granola

I’ve been going into the baking upside down world, you guys: vegan. I didn’t even really know you could make a cake without eggs. Like, I knew, but I didn’t know the logistics and was afraid to try and make a disappointingly gross cake.

But, I make a lot of kitchen mistakes so I thought, what the hell? I found an easy enough recipe that didn’t call for things I never used: flax seeds, almond flour, hazelnut flour…what even is that?

This cake is pure chocolate wonder and not for the faint of heart. The best part is that it’s made using ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen. It’s very moist and probably couldn’t handle a stiffer frosting, unless piped. So the ganache makes for a perfect addition. I had made a peanut butter, coconut chip and coconut oil granola a week before and used that for a crunch. If you are serving right away, you can add the granola. But, it will get soggy over time, so I don’t suggest adding it until right before it’s engorged on.

vegan chocolate cake with peanut butter granola unepeach 001

vegan chocolate cake with peanut butter granola unepeach 002

vegan chocolate cake with peanut butter granola unepeach 003


Click here to print out the recipe for Vegan Chocolate Cake

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Recipe adapted from Krystal Howell Photography 

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