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Dore Dore Cafe | A Review

This place, man. It’s so easy to see why the popularity took off into outer space.The desserts are gorgeous, the coffee is good, each modern floor is decorated with  simple but beautiful design, and there are windows and light for your rainbow cake to bask in. It’s basically Instagram-heaven. The major problem with Dore Dore is the aforementioned popularity and if you get there anytime around dinner, forget about getting a seat. And if you do make a deal with the devil for a seat, forget about a nice, blissfully quiet atmosphere. Koreans like to whoop it up…even in cafes. Basically, every place you go around this area, if it’s even a little crowded, will sound like you’re in a bar late at night and it’s ladies drink free night. Ah, Korea. You do like to have fun at the expense of my sensitive ears. The first time Phil and I tried this place on a Saturday evening all three floors were packed. There was no chance of getting a seat and it was so loud …

Bad Farmers | A Review

Oh~ My~2016! Where have I been? What’s become of me? Why haven’t I updated my once randomly prolificly updated blog? Can I just say that the end of 2015 was a real bruja and leave it? It was. 2015 was a screaming, boozy harpy I could not get off my back that drew the energy from me like a succubus. I was never so happy to see a year hit itself with the doorknob on the way out. Then…I went to paradise (whispers~Bali) and all was right in the world again. So I’m back. I am recharged. I am finally looking forward to the future again now that I can see the daylight. Welcome to my life, 2016! To start off in the most cliche of New Year’s ways, I’m introducing a salad place in Seoul so that we all feel guilty and go eat a salad. Because it’s the start of a new year and, so, like half of us are probably riding the diet train until at least February. 😀 However, Bad Farmers doesn’t feel like a …

Hopscotch: the gastropub | A Review

This is my new favorite place, everybody. Practically hidden in an alley in Nonhyeon-dong (my neighborhood!) there sits this fantastic restaurant and bar. One of the best parts of Hopscotch is that it is not in Itaewon. Not that there is anything wrong with Itaewon, but this place feels undiscovered although its been around since 2013. It’s otherworldly inside, meaning, you won’t feel like you’re in Seoul anymore. The best part, however, is the no hold’s barred, up the ante, soul food.  I was happily indulged with everything we ordered and ate until my gut felt angry and suicidal. There’s a big menu of food and drinks. (I only have a few pictures of the menu below.) You can eat big or just get something for drinking; either way, you’re going to be in for a treat. The prices for food are high but completely worth every won. They have craft beers to choose from, cocktails and a full bar. They have what looks like the full collection from The Hand & Malt, a small micro brewery out of Gyeongi-do, …

Cafe Able | A Review

You can check out my short & sweet review on Pinstory! In my latest attempt to get over to Garosugil (Sinsa) area more often, I got my lazy butt out of my bed on Saturday and sauntered over for a late-ish lunch. I recently scoured the area for restaurants and cafes to try in another blog post (see it here!) and so I knew exactly where I was headed, Cafe Able. The farm to table movement is slowly progressing here in Seoul and we are all the better for it. The service is great and the food came out very fast. I’ll be headed back there for a dinner soon because I’d really like to try their pasta and pizza. (I can honestly say I never look forward pasta and pizza in Korea). Or I’ll go back for brunch and get the amazing french toast loaded with fruit that I saw the couple sitting next to me get. It was a really nice place. I loved sitting and watching two staff members cutting up and organizing fruits …

Ryunique | A Review

First of all, don’t I feel an ass titling this A Review considering this restaurant was chosen as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world by Diner’s Club Academy. But, I’m only giving it that title for continuity to all the other restaurants I’ve tried in Korea and on this blog. I won’t pretend to know more about food than the experts of Diner’s Club so I’m really just going to share my experience with you! It was a haute cuisine themed blast and I couldn’t wait for each new course. That’s the sign of something special in a restaurant. It was like being on a food playground!

Gigi’s Cupcakes | A Review

Sorry for the absence, folks! I’ve been down and out with a nasty bug and had no energy to eat, create or blog. Well, I mean, I could eat… I didn’t want to die. But, I found the most amazing information on Facebook while I was sick. There is now a truly beautiful cupcake store opened fifteen minutes from my apartment. A DANGEROUS fifteen minutes from my apartment. And these weren’t some god awful, dry Korean cupcakes…this was a American franchise called Gigi’s that started in Nashville, TN. The American South! Where they know how to make desserts the right way! The one place in the world where they have been taught since birth how to whip sugar and butter into something magical every single time. I practically floated into the store my expectations were so high.

Double Trouble | Revisited

Ahh, Double Trouble. How I have missed you. (See first review here 🙂 ) This is only the second visit to DT because, well, just look at this food. It’s not exactly heart healthy. So I save it for those very special occasions when I need a fat and sugar fix. Like the same day I sign up for a six month gym membership. Yep. That’s what happened. I signed up for the gym on the same day I headed back to the basement eatery to try all new things covered in cheese. I’m going to just remind you again that this is not a full on western style place. It is definitely fusion, but its fusion in the best possible sense. On purpose. They don’t pretend to be true American cuisine then ruin it by being made more for Korean tastes. It’s all out in the open and honest. I love that about this place. Now onto the food…

Ban Pichai | A Review

Usually in my neighborhood, when I am craving some Thai food I have to settle for the likes of Pho Mein, the chain restaurant which summarily lumps pretty much all Southeast Asian country cuisines together in a bland, greasy lump.  There are a few other chains popping up but I’ve been reluctant to try. And then enter the godsend, Ban Pichai. Literally a five minute walk from my apartment, this place is the real tuktuking deal. It is a hole in the wall. It does look like it needs a good wipe down. But, oh my, the food is spectacular.  The staff are nice and friendly and also English speakers. There are two Thai chefts behind that fiery counter. It’s really worth a stop over!

Jungsik | Revisted

Another weekend, another reason to go all out. That’s a saying, right? Phil decided that we must try Jungsik again for two reasons. 1. It has moved locations from a cozy little place to a three level mega-restaurant. 2. It’s a different season than our last time there so there would be an entirely new menu. Jungsik Dang is owned and operated by Chef Yim Jungsik and its often rated as one of the best restaurants in Korea. I admit it is the finest restaurant I’ve ever eaten in and I feel infinitely fortunate that I’ve had the pleasure twice.

Julio’s Mexican Cuisine |A Review|

After a brief hiatus from updating the blog, I’m back with a food review because, well, they’re the easiest!  I’ve made it my personal mission to get out and explore something new this weekend but, as of now, I’m sat comfy in my bed watching old episodes of Black Books and drinking a heavy dose of coffee to get through writing this simple review :D. I’ve already gone over my affinity for Mexican food in my review for Vatos Tacos. To sum up my Vatos experience: I was disappointed. When I asked for recommendations for other dishes at Vatos I was told to order mostly Korean Fusion Mexican food (like the kimchi fries…fries? At a Mexican place?  Meh.) .  I don’t mind fusion food at all, I cook it often in my own kitchen, but it had left me with no restaurant to call my own Mexican sanctuary. Julio’s is in my neighborhood (sort of) and without realizing it when I planned to go there, it’s owned by the same person who owns Pier 17.  So, I visited both …