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Loaded Breakfast Fries

An Ode to Fries It’s morning. You’re hungry. The coffee is getting low and it’s not keeping you full. It’s time for some fries. Welcome to loaded breakfast fries, the adventure. This is a kind of choose your own adventure type of meal. You can follow my recipe to a T, or, you can venture out and make it all your own flavor. I’ll give you some additional options at the end so make sure to scroll all the way down. Fries are the perfect morning meal, no matter what you’ve been taught. Don’t worry about eating healthy, these are oven roasted and spicy. It’s pumped full of vegetables and has protein from the eggs. It’s a savory, delicious mess that you will want to eat over and over again. I’ve been having it on the regular. I’ve mixed it up a few ways and haven’t been bored once. You really only need follow the directions for cooking the fries, after that, you’re free! Click to get your free printable recipe! Fries in full glory. What …

March Rabbit Salad | A Review

Finding a salad that is not bitter greens drenched in balsamic dressing in this city is hard pressed, but, not impossible anymore. As Seoul keeps its steady march into globalization, finding healthy Western food, with Western tastes in mind, is getting easier. No longer do I have to settle for pizza and pasta when I need something from back home. I can go to a place like March Rabbit Salad. This spot is just fun. Subtly playing with an Alice in Wonderland theme, this restaurant is airy and bright and cheerful. It’s impossible to miss on the streets of Sinsa, near Garosugil, with all the money they spent on bright yellow paint. I love it, though, as it takes the food seriously, but the interior remains whimsical. The menu ain’t half bad either. It’s crammed full of salads (you can design your own), sandwiches, and juices. Everything is fresh and well seasoned. This place is great for the vegetarians and vegans who roam among us. There are options for all. My one and only gripe is that I’d love …

Hangang Summer Picnic

It is summer in Korea. I am hot and sweaty when I walk down the street so it officially summer in my book. That’s okay, though, because last weekend I made a fun-tastic picnic and hung out at the river all day. I am indoorsy by nature, but a little preparation goes a long way! Take your food, beverages and entertainment and you too can enjoy a little summer picnic fun. And there’s always people and dog watching, which makes the time fly by. If you are hoping to make a picnic day by the Han in Seoul, remember to go early to secure your spot under a tree! 

Fried Tofu Sandwich | with Ssamjang Mayo

After a weekend trip to Decadentville via Ryunique, I decided I better eat cheap last week and had one of these little scrumptious babies nearly every day. They are so good, you all, and it has been a long journey to tofu meals for me. I used to vehemently hate tofu, even after coming to Korea. I didn’t appreciate the texture, I would compare it to the fatty part of a chicken, and hated when people told me it could, “taste like whatever you cook it with.” Umm…gross.

Homemade Spinach Tortillas

Yeah. It’s not so hard. That’s the main thought I had while concocting this kitchen experiment. It is just a few main ingredients, some optional add ins for flavor and there you have it, your own spinach tortillas that are not infused with chemicals and preservatives (same same). And, dare I say it, they are so much better. Like so much better, you guys.

Peking Duck | A Review

In a mammoth wedding hotel on the cusp of the Han River lies a Chinese restaurant called, ahem, Chinese Restaurant.  But, for me, it will henceforth be forever known as “that restaurant you can get a succulent yet crispy skinned duck I call Peking Duck but they call Beijing Duck.”  It’s a long, ridiculous name but its totally worth it.

Julio’s Mexican Cuisine |A Review|

After a brief hiatus from updating the blog, I’m back with a food review because, well, they’re the easiest!  I’ve made it my personal mission to get out and explore something new this weekend but, as of now, I’m sat comfy in my bed watching old episodes of Black Books and drinking a heavy dose of coffee to get through writing this simple review :D. I’ve already gone over my affinity for Mexican food in my review for Vatos Tacos. To sum up my Vatos experience: I was disappointed. When I asked for recommendations for other dishes at Vatos I was told to order mostly Korean Fusion Mexican food (like the kimchi fries…fries? At a Mexican place?  Meh.) .  I don’t mind fusion food at all, I cook it often in my own kitchen, but it had left me with no restaurant to call my own Mexican sanctuary. Julio’s is in my neighborhood (sort of) and without realizing it when I planned to go there, it’s owned by the same person who owns Pier 17.  So, I visited both …

Brooklyn: the burger joint |A Review|

I am probably 1 1/2 years late in reviewing this place. This is the cat’s pajamas. The bees knees. The whatever of foodie meccas in Seoul. Errrrbody loves Brooklyn. There are hundreds thousands millions of reviews online (big ones, small ones, itsy bitsy blurbs) about the holy grail of burgers in the world of kimchi. But, this was my first ever visit so the world is getting one more review. 😀