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Korean Spiced Chili | with sweet cornbread

Spicy chili and the sweetest, cake-like cornbread merged together to make me incredibly happy with this meal. It’s been cold, drizzly, and the sun disappears sometime before I get off work…this is what I needed. This is what you need. This chili’s blend of Korean gochugaru, chipotle peppers in adobo and cumin are a mouth full of spice, love and warmth. Mine is vegan, and, wow, bring on the fake stuff! I loved the vegan meat I got at High Street Market in Itaewon. It had a great consistency and I didn’t miss the beef at all. Top it with your all time favorites: avocado, cilantro, sour cream, Greek yogurt, corn chips, cheese, green onions and all other manner of deliciousness. Keep the cheese out though if you want to keep it vegan. I’d also like to rave about the chips I used. These tortilla chips are also a new favorite! You can find them at IHerb for a bit cheaper than High Street Market; they are made from beans but are won-der-ful! It’s winter. Be …

The Beastro | new american in hongdae

The Beastro is a well known and well hearted American bistro in Hongdae. It’s basically the Target of Western dining in Korea, everyone can take away something pretty good from it. My foodie pal Phil and I headed over there one gloriously awesome autumn day to have breakfast, cocktails and to overhear conversations in English. After living in Korea for some time, I really have begun to hate listening to stranger’s banter that I actually understand. I think I really always hated it, even back in America. Why is there something so irritating about listening to people talk about things that are not remotely about you. I’m sure I’m not alone here. Being in a restaurant and not understanding anything, living in a beautiful bubble of dumbness, there is something otherworldly about it. It’s one of the reasons I love Korea. Bubbles. My ridiculous sensitivities aside, the meal was very on the mark. I was excited before even going after reading the menu online and seeing a mushroom tart. MUSHROOM. TART. Did they know I was coming? They …

Hanbox | new review!

We were so happy to get another kind review by Beeju Boxes this month. As she subscribed to the box, she received the first box in July (which was our first box too). As we continue to evolve our box and ideas, we love to get feedback. Order yours today and tell us what you think! Order here! There is still time to order the September / October box! See our review here! Follow Us!  Facebook  Instagram Website Twitter

autumn | design

Nothing is like autumn. Saying adios to 90 degree heat and the ever persistent humidity that creeps into my hair sending it whisping all over my head like a maniac’s crown  gives me a renewed energy. Saying hello to crispy weather, comfort foods and colorful ginkgo leaves makes it all worth the torture. It is the best part of the year and the part I wait (somewhat) patiently for during those other three seasons. This autumn: I’ll be making amazing things in the kitchen (and probably some disasters as well 🙂 ). Going to new places (getting my Vitamin D). And getting the most out of this weather. My Pinterest page has exploded with ideas, itineraries and designing the most autumnist of autumns. I will rule Autumn 2016.     to make wild mushroom lasagna by delallo kimchi udon stir fry by pickledplum savory tomato tarts with goat cheese by yellow lemon tree weeknight vegetable curry by smitten kitchen portuguese chicken with crispy potatoes by feasting at home last but not least, korean spiced chili from hapa …

Hanbox | September/October!

Hello all! We have a new box lined up for September/October with an adorability factor off the charts! There’s animal themes, there’s pink, there’s stuff you don’t want to miss out on! For instance: macaron pill cases panda paraphernalia bunny phone accrotrements    For your very own Hanbox delivered right to your door, be sure to visit the website by clicking on the picture! It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, it’s Korean!

Our First Review!

Our first Hanbox review came in last week! We sent out a preview box to get the ball rolling and get our name out into the world. The ladies at Beeju Boxes graciously accepted it and posted a very nice review. My favorite part, the socks I hesitated buying and sending were actually a hit! Yay! According to their website, Beeju is: A popular Subscription Box review website featuring around a dozen bloggers, each with a different niche and specialty. Also on the site is an active box directory that’s constantly being updated, as well as coupons, deals and spoilers.   You can find the review at Beeju Boxes and loads of pictures of our sample box here: Hanbox – Preview Box Review & July/August Box Spoiler If you would like to subscribe to Hanbox, please visit our website!! Hanbox If you want to see more of what’s inside, please visit our Instagram and Facebook Pages! Instagram: @myhanbox Facebook:Hanbox

The Libertine | Revisited

This place is one of the jewels of Itaewon. The modern yet classic design, the changing menu and the kind staff make this a one of a kind eating treat. A friend was leaving Korea, as they are wont to do in our expat life, and she had not been to The Libertine. This was the classy exit she needed.  Mimosas all around! After checking the menu for new dishes, we ordered some divine buttered scrambled eggs on top of salmon and toast, Eggs Benedict with salmon (which they call Eggs Royale) and, to top off our ocean themed brunch, fried calamari. The eggs with butter were kill-worthy. I’m quite sure I liked them better than the Benedict, which were perfectly oozy and beautiful. They know how to make a nice little salad as well to balance out the butter and goodness. The calamari could have benefited from sitting somewhere to drain. They were a little mushy around the bottom and a bit greasy. I liked to breading, which was a little thick but flavored well. And their aioli is perfect.  Thick …

Dak Galbi | 닭갈비

The World’s Most Perfect Dish? I realize I’m prone to exaggeration but this is possibly the world’s most perfect dish. Spicy chicken and vegetables cooked on fire & brimstone right in front of you. It’s a mix of divine intervention and …. chicken. It’s other worldly. Has this convinced you to go ahead and eat this masterpiece? I hope so. Basically, eating dak galbi should be on your bucket list in and outside of Korea. Just find a way to get your hands on it. The other best thingz about dak galbi is that you can find it just about anywhere in Korea, you  can share it with a ton of people, add so many different things (ramen, cheese rice cakes, cheese, seafood, etc…) and it is quite an inexpensive meal. A basic dish will cost you around 18,000 to 20,000 won for two people. Take that, pizza! (Just kidding, pizza, you know I ❤ you.) After you eat most of your meal you can ask for some rice (bokkeumbap) and they will fry it up with the …