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Hangaram | Art Supply Store

Do you need art supplies?

Are you tired of Googling it and coming up with Alpha store in Namdaemun market?

I was!

So this weekend I found the amazing Hangaram Art Supply Store in the very convenient (for me) Express Bus Terminal. They have so many things that I needed and I took a lot of pictures to help fellow crafters who live too far from Namdaemun to consider just hopping on over. They don’t have things like yarn or fake flowers or sewing things…so if you’re that type of crafter you won’t find much of what you need. But if you need paper, paints, stretched canvas, wood and tools then you’ve found your haven.

Directions: At the Express Bus Terminal head toward Exit 1. You will walk right past a Holly’s Coffee and then you’ll see it.  It’s as easy as that! And by easy I mean if you can navigate the murky and dangerous jungle that is the Express Bus Terminal. Yikes.



If you need to buy paper, get the paper priced and tagged at the counter in the back before taking it to the cash register. I did not do this and could have saved myself some effort.


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