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Made | A Review

Just a little jaunt down the road from John Cook Deli Meats, in Apgujeong, sits MADE (backwards d). From the outside, it looks like a run of the mill, albeit cool and modern, cafe. But, inside is a new American restaurant who is doing some good things with good food. In the evening, it boasts a pretty good little Italian American menu with lots of meatballs, pasta and some baked ziti which smelled just like St. Louis. You can pick and choose from the menu giving you a “made to order” type of meal. In the evening, MADE also has a few choice options from its brunch menu like Avocado Eggs Benedict, which I devoured on my first stop. They are pretty amazing, if not a bit too rich, but it went down the gullet anyway. So in my second trip to MADE, I wanted to enjoy the full brunch menu they have on the weekends. I saw a post on the Fat Girl’s Food Guide to Eating in Korea , to my utter delight, that they had real American-style …

Cafe Able | A Review

You can check out my short & sweet review on Pinstory! In my latest attempt to get over to Garosugil (Sinsa) area more often, I got my lazy butt out of my bed on Saturday and sauntered over for a late-ish lunch. I recently scoured the area for restaurants and cafes to try in another blog post (see it here!) and so I knew exactly where I was headed, Cafe Able. The farm to table movement is slowly progressing here in Seoul and we are all the better for it. The service is great and the food came out very fast. I’ll be headed back there for a dinner soon because I’d really like to try their pasta and pizza. (I can honestly say I never look forward pasta and pizza in Korea). Or I’ll go back for brunch and get the amazing french toast loaded with fruit that I saw the couple sitting next to me get. It was a really nice place. I loved sitting and watching two staff members cutting up and organizing fruits …

What to Eat | near garosugil

By far my most popular blog post to date is a little list I made about a year ago called, Garosugil: Making a To-Eat-There List.   The post is simple, I just took pictures of random restaurants and cafes around Sinsa dong that I found one day while aimlessly walking around.  Then I posted them altogether for prosperity. Good thing for me that the area is so popular because it’s really brought a lot of traffic to my little blog! And this is one of my favorite areas to just walk around aimlessly. Yes, the main street is simply atrocious, but just one street over on either side and it becomes just pleasant and fun. So, as a thank you to those who’ve checked out the previous post, I’ve decided to do an update with a new list of restaurants, addresses and maps. You know, helpful things that I didn’t bother to include in the first post.

Coreanos Kitchen| A Review

On a wintry February day, I made my way over to Coreanos Kitchen. I’ve seen it rated quite high when ranking Mexican eateries in Seoul  and I’ve heard by word of mouth it was worth the trip.  A little history: Coreanos Kitchen started off as a Mexican/Korean food truck in Texas, which soon blew up in popularity. Since then, the guys have migrated to Seoul and have opted to open up establishments in Itaewon and Apgujeong, and brought their famed recipes along with them. Much to the enjoyment of fry-lovers, they also didn’t forget to bring their Three Wise Fries that were voted as being among the best fries in America. ~  Ahh, food trucks. Why are you so amazing?

Pier 17 | A Review

  Just a bit of a disclaimer: From what I can remember of Cajun food, this place delivered. It’s been a while for me, even back in America I didn’t often eat Jambalaya or have seafood boils. It’s not a huge thing in Missouri. However, as a persnickety food person, this place was everything I hoped it to be. I’ve been wanting to visit Pier 17 for over a year. I read a review and could never find anyone to go with me or had, for some reason, always chosen to go elsewhere instead. I made up my mind that before summer blissfully packed it’s bags on the way out the door I would visit this American soul food restaurant. The awesome: The menu had the things I wanted to see. Poboys. Jambalaya. Gumbo. Seafood. I would have been happy if the menu just had those things. When I walked in the place smelled of Old Bay seasoning. That was what I think I first noticed. It just smelled right. There were many napkins to go around. …

Japanese Sushi Bar |Hyundai Department Store Food Court|

  Rich people’s malls are not like your mall. That’s what I learned by my couple of experiences at Hyundai Department Store. Besides there being your run of the mill luxury items: Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc…They have amazing food experiences. The grocery store is mystical and there are about two clerks per every customer (only slight exaggeration) who watch your every move in case you may decide to buy something and there might be some method in which they can assist you immediately. They also have amazing food counters. Fresh, amazing foods are coming out of its ears. Their “food court” is loaded with homemade baked goods like mile high pies, 60,000 won abalones, cow meat that would cost me about 1/2 a month’s pay…. it’s pretty amazing. They also have sushi conveyor belts, because, why not? So after a long day of eating and shopping…it was time to have a “snack” of sushi. Because, why not? It’s not amazing sushi but it will do in a pinch.

Garosugil: Making a To-Eat-There List

HEY, Une Peach readers! I updated this post with new places and included addresses and maps! Check it out here: A Garosugil To Eat There List, Updated! I know this will come as a surprise but…I like to eat.  I mean, I really like to eat. So anytime I go to an area there are a few things I try I find in this order: Coffee Shops with sandwiches and/or breakfast food, restaurants I’ve heard of but never tried or restaurants that look simply amazing at first glance, and grocery stores. It doesn’t even matter what kind of grocery store. If it’s a grocery store I’ve never been in, I’m going in. So before my visit this weekend, I hadn’t been to Garosugil in about a year and I was ready to see what was out and about. I tried to stay off the main drag since it was Saturday and I’m not crazy. I also make a to-eat-there list. I can’t wait.  I just can’t help myself.   And here starts the restaurant-to-eat list. LE BRUNCHIC The …