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Cafe Able | A Review

You can check out my short & sweet review on Pinstory!

In my latest attempt to get over to Garosugil (Sinsa) area more often, I got my lazy butt out of my bed on Saturday and sauntered over for a late-ish lunch. I recently scoured the area for restaurants and cafes to try in another blog post (see it here!) and so I knew exactly where I was headed, Cafe Able.

The farm to table movement is slowly progressing here in Seoul and we are all the better for it. The service is great and the food came out very fast. I’ll be headed back there for a dinner soon because I’d really like to try their pasta and pizza. (I can honestly say I never look forward pasta and pizza in Korea). Or I’ll go back for brunch and get the amazing french toast loaded with fruit that I saw the couple sitting next to me get.

It was a really nice place. I loved sitting and watching two staff members cutting up and organizing fruits and vegetables right in front of me. I just love watching people mess around with food, its very relaxing.

Cafe Able OutsideCafe Able is on the second floor and the rooftop is a garden. I should have gone up to take pictures.

Cafe Able“Ugly But Sweet” d-awwwww

Cafe Able TablesThere’s a tree in the restaurant. Normal.

Cafe Able Store

Cafe Able Treats 2They also sell packaged snacks and treats. I was tempted, believe me.

Cafe Able Treats

Cafe Able Prep TableThere was a large wooden table being used for kitchen prep outside of the kitchen. They were chopping up a storm.

Cafe Able Lighting

I loved their lighting. Modern and rustic.

Cafe Able Lighting 2

Cafe Able Flowers

Cafe Able MenuThe menu included brunch, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, etc. They have quite a large menu.

SAM_4919Real juice, no fillers, no sugar.

Cafe Able Water with CitrusApple Beetroot JuiceThe “Red Field” is made with apple and beetroot. The color was fabulous and the taste matched. It was, of course, very fresh and sweet.

Eggplant and Brie sandwichThe Brie and Eggplant Panini has only one gripe from me…its not really a panini, its a sandwich that has slightly warmed bread. I was expecting something ooey and gooey to eat for my one-day-a-week dairy allowance and I was a bit disappointed when I first saw it.

However, the taste stifled my criticisms. Oh my god…they cook or marinate the eggplant in balsamic sauce and it is unbelievably sweet. The combination of the sweet eggplant, sweet basil, sun dried tomatoes, warm bread and soft cheese was a genius creation, worthy of accolades. It’s highly recommended if you want a meat-free sandwich.

Eggplant and Brie Sandwich 2

Cafe Able

Gangnam gu, Sinsa dong, 547-6

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