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Pier 17 | A Review


Just a bit of a disclaimer: From what I can remember of Cajun food, this place delivered. It’s been a while for me, even back in America I didn’t often eat Jambalaya or have seafood boils. It’s not a huge thing in Missouri. However, as a persnickety food person, this place was everything I hoped it to be.

I’ve been wanting to visit Pier 17 for over a year. I read a review and could never find anyone to go with me or had, for some reason, always chosen to go elsewhere instead. I made up my mind that before summer blissfully packed it’s bags on the way out the door I would visit this American soul food restaurant.

The awesome:

  1. The menu had the things I wanted to see. Poboys. Jambalaya. Gumbo. Seafood. I would have been happy if the menu just had those things.
  2. When I walked in the place smelled of Old Bay seasoning. That was what I think I first noticed. It just smelled right.
  3. There were many napkins to go around. I like that in a lady restaurant.
  4. The portion sizes are good and they have ingredients like cilantro, homemade butter and crawfish. Not a common sighting in Korea.
  5. The seafood was UNBELIEVABLY fresh. It was sweet, succulent; all those little eyes seemed alive they were so fresh. Sorry, little guys. 😦

The “there’s always something to gripe about, although it’s not that big of a deal,” :

  1. The place could use some wet wipes for your hands and the bathroom needs a good scrub and a refill of soap.
  2. The popovers were too done, I couldn’t get into them like I wanted to.
  3. The “boil” wasn’t exactly a boil since it lacked potatoes, corn, sausage, a grittyish seasoning and it was set on ice. I can’t read the Korean so maybe they don’t describe this as an actual “boil” as we know it but more, “yeah, here’s some seafood that we boiled in water.” I actually did not mind a bit as every piece of seafood I had was cooked well and tasted like the ocean was right outside the door.
  4. In a real boil, they lay down newspaper or craft paper for the inevitable destruction and mutilation. We made a MESS. Well, I tried to keep it together but Phil made a mess (hehe). They need to do something about that, I’m afraid. And while the presentation of the seafood platter was incredible, it slipped and slid off of that mountain of ice over and over again. We lost a mussel in that crazy battle.
  5. We lost a mussel.  It was just like, gone. Forever.

So if you enjoy some seafood and you have some hungry friends, this is the place to park it! I loved it, actually, its a nice atmosphere and there are many choices for you!

Address: Sinsa dong 532-4, Seoul, Korea                                                                                                                                               Phone: 02-549-5324                                                                                                                                                                                   Directions: Starting from Garosugil Street (Apgujeong Station side), head away from Hyundai Department Store, towards the highway. Turn left onto the street between a Tom + Toms and a Shinwa Bank. Walk for one block. It’s right on a four way stop. It’s on the second floor.



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  1. This looks great, but I won’t call it a real Cajun restaurant unless it has fried alligator on the menu. 😉 Did it? We had some in Houston once and it was soooo good, been itching to have some more, but unfortunately the American South is an awful long way from Seoul…

    • You know I didn’t look but I don’t think it did, haha…I’ve had that once in St. Louis and I remember it being pretty good. I figure if they can import some crawfish they could probably import some alligator. 😀

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