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Made | A Review

Just a little jaunt down the road from John Cook Deli Meats, in Apgujeong, sits MADE (backwards d). From the outside, it looks like a run of the mill, albeit cool and modern, cafe. But, inside is a new American restaurant who is doing some good things with good food.

In the evening, it boasts a pretty good little Italian American menu with lots of meatballs, pasta and some baked ziti which smelled just like St. Louis. You can pick and choose from the menu giving you a “made to order” type of meal.

In the evening, MADE also has a few choice options from its brunch menu like Avocado Eggs Benedict, which I devoured on my first stop. They are pretty amazing, if not a bit too rich, but it went down the gullet anyway.

So in my second trip to MADE, I wanted to enjoy the full brunch menu they have on the weekends. I saw a post on the Fat Girl’s Food Guide to Eating in Korea , to my utter delight, that they had real American-style breakfast sandwiches with real American-style biscuits. I had been salivating over the pictures (only 1/2 kidding) for a while.  I wanted that breakfast sandwich. I was only there for the breakfast sandwich. BREAKFAST. SANDWICH.

I’ll just get this out of the way first. The Bacon & Egg sandwich was served on a roll. (Insert grown woman wailing.) I was so looking forward to a real breakfast biscuit that I genuinely thought the universe was against me. I thought maybe I ordered the wrong thing. But, no, if there’s anything I can do well, it’s read a menu. They just changed the bread.

If anyone at MADE is reading, I implore you to bring them back.

Otherwise, I had a nice brunch. You can see from the pictures.


Made Apgujeong Seoul 015

I find the upscale diner setting really nice. I really can’t get enough of subway tiles, to be honest, they just make everything look like it’s too cool for me.

The hours are on the door.

Made Apgujeong Seoul 001Made Apgujeong Seoul 002Made Apgujeong Seoul 003

The compulsory morning coffee.

Made Apgujeong Seoul 004

A little fun at your fingertips.

You make check marks on a menu next to what you want. I’m sure this stifles those, “I didn’t order this…” arguments.

Made Apgujeong Seoul 005

Our food did take a while…both times…but both times they gave us some freebies. These little Arancini di Riso were really warm, gooey and nice. Nothing says,”I’m sorry,” like a fried ball of rice served piping hot.

Made Apgujeong Seoul 006Made Apgujeong Seoul 007

This is the sandwich in question.

It looks pretty amazing though, right?

And, it really was. I loved the drippy, over easy eggs with crispy edges, the gooey cheese and salty bacon. It was definitely a big ‘un too with 2 eggs under there, so you could easily share it. It comes with a little Caesar that was decent (would have preferred some home-fries or hash-browns, but I’m really pushing the limits of my expectations with that wish).

I’d definitely order it again.It’s a real nice breakfast sandwich …just think how good it would be on a biscuit.

Made Apgujeong Seoul 008Made Apgujeong Seoul 009Made Apgujeong Seoul 010

And look at this culinary triumph! Your eyes are not deceiving you, you are are gazing at Fried Chicken & Pancakes with real maple syrup. Boom. It’s one of those ideas that seems so obvious when you see it but are impressed with the creative mind that figured it out.

Made Apgujeong Seoul 012

The pancakes were fat, really fluffy but still a bit dense. I’m not positive, but they are probably oven pancakes, I’m not sure how else you would get them so high but still cooked through the middle. Maybe they have some other secret.

But they tasted perfect with the fried chicken and syrup. The chicken was very Korean style, lots of grease, lots of crispy edges. Separately, these two might not amount to anything special…but together they are Dolly Parton & Kenny Rodgers singing Islands in the Stream while you watch in a trance.

Salty, chewy, sweet, crispy…it’s a solid dish. I’d give it 4 **Chicken Stars**

Made Apgujeong Seoul 011Made Apgujeong Seoul 013Made Apgujeong Seoul 014

MADE is the all American place to go for a really decent brunch or a big bowl of spaghetti that reminds you of home.

Website with full menu in English.


  • 17 Nonhyeon-Ro 175-Gil
  • (578-2 Sinsa-dong)
  • Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    Korea 135-892


  • +82 2 512 1050
    +82 10 3768 9512


  • Monday-Saturday 11:00-22:00
    Sunday 11:00-21:00

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