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Ikseon Dong | A Hanok Island

Prepare yourself, folks, there’s a history lesson in here today! ūüôā I think most would agree that the skyline of Seoul in many areas is¬†quite impressive, however, the inside of most apartment buildings, the majority of the skyscrapers in Seoul, look like¬†something this side of a psych ward. The apartments weren’t made to necessarily be¬†creative, interesting or impressive. Barren¬†boxes, designed to house as many families as possible, is what comes to mind when I think about how most of us live in Seoul. So when we are tired of looking at our boring little boxes, it is time to visit areas with traditional architecture and a time when homes were made with a bit more love and care. One such area is a tiny hanok island surrounded by those tall, boring buildings, called Ikseon-dong. It’s just a neighborhood over from Insa-dong. ¬†The entire area is experiencing¬†a glowing revival, much the same as the hanok renovations in¬†Samcheong, Bukchon and Seochon. Renovations to these wonderful little places have been met with controversy through the years, however. In¬†the …

Hoonje(Ūõąž†ú) ori(žė§Ž¶¨) | Smoked Duck

After walking around Insadong galleries and building up a monstrous appetite (doesn’t take much), I convinced Phil we needed to try a back alley, old school, touristy Korean restaurant. I’ve wanted to try one for so long and I did have to push a bit because Phil has Korean food everyday. But, I really don’t so I was desperate for some. Aaaand….I’m pretty pushy. Back alley restaurant it was!

Insadong | Art Galleries

I know, I know. For¬†every beautiful piece of art in a gallery in Insadong, there is¬†also ¬†a thousand¬†¬†tourists all hankering for deals on cheap, traditional looking Korean goods to fight through on your way to the art. I feel your pain, really…but if it is any consolation, and I hope that it is, the galleries have almost no people to fight through compared to the little shops along the way. It’s a complete and total shame for¬†the tourists that they miss out on all the artwork …but …their loss is most certainly my gain. So for those of us who live, work and breathe in Seoul far longer than the tourists, I do highly suggest going to Insadong because the art scene is still alive and gorgeous. Last weekend I had a fantastic time in two galleries.

A Peachy Christmas Roundup

For all the frustration, stress and changes that were taking place during my Christmas season I am happy to say I still had a wonderful December. I was coated head to toe in holiday spirit, thanks to friends and Seoul. There was just a lot of Christmas-y-ness going around and I was really thankful for that. I also got to travel home and see my family. It was too short, of course, but there were hugs and food all around. Made it totally worth it.

Moonbird | Cafe

This place has got some personality, I’ll give ya that. ¬†It’s name itself, Moonbird Does Think of Only the Moon, is such a mouthful but, sweetly poetic, even in Korean, as I’m told. It is charming and (slightly)¬†secretive¬†in an alley off one of the busiest streets in Seoul, Insadong. On a chilling winter night it is the perfect spot to grab a cup of traditional tea surrounded by more stuff than you could imagine. My friend Phil ordered a jujube tea that tasted just like Christmas. It was warm, thick and flavored¬†with cinnamon. I ordered a nice Jasmine tea, kind of boring, I know, but it was hot and in an adorable teapot. This is the perfect tea cafe if you are in Insadong and want a quiet place off the main drag that is unpretentious, laid back and…warm. ¬†So warm on that cold night. Holy crap that was a cold night.

Brew 3.14 | A Review

Saturday night is reserved for pizza. Most nights can be reserved for pizza but I decided that it was Saturday last week. Phil and I headed down to Brew 3.14, which just happens to be owned by the Seoul Eats¬†founder, Daniel Gray. Seoul Eats is the blog for info on all things related to food for us expats. ¬†There are food tours and reviews galore on the page if would like to peruse it. Phil and I didn’t have any pizza¬†off the standard menu, which is quite short but I like that in¬†a restaurant. ¬†We ordered the special, white spinach¬†pizza and a cheese calzone.¬†The pizza is on fire. ¬†The crust is thin and crispy, the ingredients are well paired and I really enjoyed it. We got a bruschetta freebie to dip our crusts into and it tasted fresh and aromatic. It was a really great addition. We washed it down with a couple of craft beer Namsan Pilsners which were de-lish. If I lived on the north side I’d be there once a week. Sadly …

Top Cloud | A Review

  Oh, gentle Top Cloud, why must you be¬†so incredibly expensive? This, sadly,¬†was my main thought as I sat through my many course meal looking out at an amazing view of Seoul city + mountains. I knew what the bloggers have said about Top Cloud. I read that the taste is nothing to write home about and that it is overpriced. I tried to convince my fellow food lover and friend, Phil, we should try something different and leave Top Cloud for a special time. But, after he saw pictures of the view, he wouldn’t hear of it. I am going to just spare you the suspense and put my review right here. There is nothing wrong with the food in preparation or asthetic. However, the bloggers¬†are right, it is just okay food. While there is nothing wrong worth noting, there is nothing spectacular either. I was only blown away by the thought that everything just needed more flavor. Where was the flavor, TC? ¬†I kept waiting for a dish to astonish me, as I …