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|Review| Gatten Sushi


I am inspired to write this post because I began watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi this morning and realized I hadn’t yet posted my sushi review from last weekend. More on the documentary below if you’re interested.

Expats find it very difficult to find decent sushi in Korea. It seems so strange. Geographically we are a hop, skip and a jump to Japan. Japanese people come and own restaurants here, even with the cloud of tension that still hangs in the air between the two nationalities in the older generations. But, to find sushi that hasn’t been mucked up by “Korean” tastes it very challenging.

Sorry, Korea, I don’t mean to be so insulting to your tastes all the time. But, there’s only so much mayo, pickled things and other condiments that one person can take. It’s bad when added to Western food en masse and even worse when added to something that should be as simple as sushi.

But, Gatten Sushi, a Japanese franchise with a restaurant located in Gangnam has a fairly good selection of authentic, simple sushi. This is a conveyor style sushi spot (which brings up all sorts of issues with hygiene for me as I am quite sure that customers would have no problem changing their mind and putting a plate back after they’ve touched it OR let their kids touch things…shudder) that has plenty of Korean style choices with mayonnaise and other crap galore. But, there are also many great choices for someone who prefers a simpler dining experience.

Each plate is a different color indicating its price. They have many specials but I chose none as they were coated in indescribable things. I’ve added a couple of plate prices that I could remember for reference.

My overall impression is that it does the trick if you are craving sushi, the conveyor belt is actually kind of fun, service is very good and it’s not a bad price. They have a really nice tempera as well and I would order it again on the next go ’round.

sam_0822 sam_0823 sam_0835

Plate color: 3400 won


Plate color: 3400 won

sam_0839 sam_0840

Tempura Plate

sam_0843 sam_0847 sam_0848 sam_0851 sam_0854 sam_0855 sam_0859 sam_0860

Plate color: 4200 won

sam_0863 sam_0872 sam_0873 sam_0879

Plate color: 2600 won



Plate color: 4200 won

I realize these pictures are not great…I am still working to learn how to use my camera and I couldn’t adjust the red/orange color out of them. 😦 However, this is a good representation of what they have.


Gatten Sushi Directions

Phone: 02-2051-1477

Take Exit 12 out of Gangnam Station. Walk about 1/2 a block and its on your left. The sign is in Korea [갓덴스시 강남점 ] so be on the lookout!


About the Documentary

This very enthralling story is about Jiro Ono, an 85 year old sushi chef who is said to be the best in Japan. It shows us the life of a dedicated sushi dreamer, his two sons, his Michelin- 3 star restaurant that happens to be in a subway station and what it takes to be at his level.  It tells us how changing attitudes toward sushi has impacted the restaurants and the sustainability of the fish with all of the sushi available today (in supermarkets, conveyor belts, etc…). It’s very thoughtful and beautiful shot with comparisons of sushi making to that of a symphony. Highly recommended if you, like me, love a good movie about a chef and his/her food.



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