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What to Eat | near garosugil

By far my most popular blog post to date is a little list I made about a year ago called, Garosugil: Making a To-Eat-There List.   The post is simple, I just took pictures of random restaurants and cafes around Sinsa dong that I found one day while aimlessly walking around.  Then I posted them altogether for prosperity.

Good thing for me that the area is so popular because it’s really brought a lot of traffic to my little blog! And this is one of my favorite areas to just walk around aimlessly. Yes, the main street is simply atrocious, but just one street over on either side and it becomes just pleasant and fun.

So, as a thank you to those who’ve checked out the previous post, I’ve decided to do an update with a new list of restaurants, addresses and maps. You know, helpful things that I didn’t bother to include in the first post.

cafe mamas

Cafe Mamas Garosugil

The menu is full of salads and sandwiches but they are actually good. They serve brunch as well. I have tried this place a couple times but always want to go back to try new things.

Suggestion: Try their Salmon Sandwich which is simple and delectable!

WebsiteCafe Mamas

Address: Gangnam gu, Sinsa dong, 528-4

le alaska

Le Alaska Garosugil

Le Alaska is a haven of bread wonderment in a land of bread gone wrong. This popular bakery was the best find I made all day because I had no idea where it was (now I do!). This is the good stuff, breads to make you feel like you’re back home. Not a pea or piece of corn in sight.

Suggestion: Try the ciabatta roll for all your sandwich needs.

WebsiteLe Alaska

Address: Gangnam gu, Sinsa dong, 550-22

the pancake house

Pancake House Garosugil

The Original Pancake House is a transplant from Portland, Oregon. Apparently they use clarified butter and they stick to the original recipes and portions as back in the USA. I like a good pancake.

Suggestion: Yes, the Dutch Babies are great, but the omelette is amazing!

Website: The Original Pancake House

Address: 523-20 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

A beautiful dress @ a beautiful florist.

A beautiful dress @ a beautiful florist.

march rabbit salad

March Rabbit Salad

March Rabbit Salad is chock full of everything that is healthy. Freshness is the catch of the day with their salads, sandwiches, juices and brunch. The city’s vegans rejoice at this adorably named and decorated spot as they can be fed very well there. See my review here! 

Suggestion: The salmon sandwich here is a delight.

WebsiteMarch Rabbit Salad

Address: Gangnam, Sinsadong, 560

lobster shack

Lobster Shack Garosugil

Lobster Shack was started by a guy who grew up in Maine. That’s all I really needed to know. Lobster Rolls! See my review of Lobster Shack!

Suggestion: You really need the fries and the Connecticut.

WebsiteLobster Shack

Address: Gangnam gu, Sinsa dong, 524-27

la numbero hacienda

La Numero Hacienda Garosugil

La Numero Hacienda looks like they know what they’re doing from the pictures and who am I to turn down a Mexican meal? I’ll definitely be around.

WebsiteLa Numero Hacienda

Address: Gangnam gu, Sinsa dong, 544-17

cafe able

Cafe Able Garosugil

Cafe Able is a farm to table restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for a few weeks and I’m happy to have happened upon it. Sandwiches, Salads, smoothies…ya know, healthy stuff! See my review of Cafe Able!

Suggestion: I haven’t had a bad meal yet! Pizza, omelettes, French toast, it’s all good! But my favorite still in the Brie and Eggplant panini.

WebsiteCafe Able

Address: Gangnam gu, Sinsa dong, 547-6

oh. HI!

oh. HI!


Creme Pop Garosugil

Creampop has many kinds of amazing popcorn varieties. Looking forward to this one.


Address: 520-5 Sinsadong, Gangnam-gu

latte king

Latte King Sinsa Garosugil

The small chain coffee shop, Latte King. This just looks so cute on a quiet street. I love the entrance into the building that’s lined with trees. And the cat. I love cats. Surprise!

Website:  Latte King

Address: 540-11 Sinsadong, Gangnam

And there you have it, an updated 2015 list for places to eat, drink and be merry in the Garosugil area!

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