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Daytripping | Chinatown

  The only official “Chinatown” in Korea is located in Incheon and takes a long, boring ride on the subway to get out there. It’s a full on tourist destination and it has a quintessential selfie tourist trap, the barf-worthy Fairytale Village. But, as much as those things irk me, and they do, don’t let it stop you from heading out there just once. It’s an interesting and quirky place. There is a different feel to the area, in no small part due to the different smells and different building styles. There are many restaurants and spots to buy a snack. We found a dim sum restaurant that squelched some cravings I’d been having for weeks. It’s also the birthplace of the ridiculously popular Chinese-Korean dish, Jjajangmyeong. After eating, you can wander around and find a beautiful cafe, like one we found that doubled as a gallery. TLDR: A Brief History The history of the area is…interesting. When Incheon Port opened in 1883 a small settlement of Chinese people grew.  The population has remained small for …

Made | A Review

Just a little jaunt down the road from John Cook Deli Meats, in Apgujeong, sits MADE (backwards d). From the outside, it looks like a run of the mill, albeit cool and modern, cafe. But, inside is a new American restaurant who is doing some good things with good food. In the evening, it boasts a pretty good little Italian American menu with lots of meatballs, pasta and some baked ziti which smelled just like St. Louis. You can pick and choose from the menu giving you a “made to order” type of meal. In the evening, MADE also has a few choice options from its brunch menu like Avocado Eggs Benedict, which I devoured on my first stop. They are pretty amazing, if not a bit too rich, but it went down the gullet anyway. So in my second trip to MADE, I wanted to enjoy the full brunch menu they have on the weekends. I saw a post on the Fat Girl’s Food Guide to Eating in Korea , to my utter delight, that they had real American-style …

Banana Tree Cafe | Sinsa

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs with brass, umm, knuckles, and have decided to open up a little cafe in Seoul, the land of seemingly endless and charming cafes, you need a little something sparkly to stand out to keep from going under. Banana Tree Cafe in Sinsa found its sparkling star in a pudding dessert dressed up like a clay pot of flowers and you can happily spoon it up with a mini shovel spoon. In America, it’s something similar to dirt pudding except there are no chocolate flavors. (Honestly, they need a chocolate. No special reason, but I really like chocolate.)

What to Eat | near garosugil

By far my most popular blog post to date is a little list I made about a year ago called, Garosugil: Making a To-Eat-There List.   The post is simple, I just took pictures of random restaurants and cafes around Sinsa dong that I found one day while aimlessly walking around.  Then I posted them altogether for prosperity. Good thing for me that the area is so popular because it’s really brought a lot of traffic to my little blog! And this is one of my favorite areas to just walk around aimlessly. Yes, the main street is simply atrocious, but just one street over on either side and it becomes just pleasant and fun. So, as a thank you to those who’ve checked out the previous post, I’ve decided to do an update with a new list of restaurants, addresses and maps. You know, helpful things that I didn’t bother to include in the first post.

Gigi’s Cupcakes | A Review

Sorry for the absence, folks! I’ve been down and out with a nasty bug and had no energy to eat, create or blog. Well, I mean, I could eat… I didn’t want to die. But, I found the most amazing information on Facebook while I was sick. There is now a truly beautiful cupcake store opened fifteen minutes from my apartment. A DANGEROUS fifteen minutes from my apartment. And these weren’t some god awful, dry Korean cupcakes…this was a American franchise called Gigi’s that started in Nashville, TN. The American South! Where they know how to make desserts the right way! The one place in the world where they have been taught since birth how to whip sugar and butter into something magical every single time. I practically floated into the store my expectations were so high.

Chloris Tea Room

Chloris Tea Rooms Gangnam, Seoul This place is huge. Four floors, terrace. Loads of options for tea but also includes coffee, desserts and brunches. Website  Directions: From Sinnonhyeon Station, take exit 4. Turn Right at the first street (Bongeunsa ro 4-gil).  Walk for just a few minutes. You’ll see the cafe on the right hand side.   Sangria Tea Darjeeling Tea