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Coreanos Kitchen| A Review

On a wintry February day, I made my way over to Coreanos Kitchen. I’ve seen it rated quite high when ranking Mexican eateries in Seoul  and I’ve heard by word of mouth it was worth the trip.  A little history:

Coreanos Kitchen started off as a Mexican/Korean food truck in Texas, which soon blew up in popularity. Since then, the guys have migrated to Seoul and have opted to open up establishments in Itaewon and Apgujeong, and brought their famed recipes along with them. Much to the enjoyment of fry-lovers, they also didn’t forget to bring their Three Wise Fries that were voted as being among the best fries in America. ~ EverydayKorea.com 

Ahh, food trucks. Why are you so amazing?

Coreanos is most certainly fusion Korean/Mexican. It doesn’t try to pass itself off as authentic and that’s always appreciated. It hit the spot, that’s for sure, and I was happy with all the cilantro love.


Our first order was off the brunch menu. Huevos Coreanos, their version of Huevos Rancheros, was a couple of flour tortillas with enchilada sauce, cheese, and topped with an egg.

What’s missing, Coreanos may ask in my dreams? Could you put a bit of rice under all that lovely diced onions and tomatoes? How about some refried beans? Top it with a bit of avocado?

I’d gladly pay a little more to have something pull this dish together. Just think it over, Coreanos, otherwise it’s always fun to eat tortillas for breakfast!




The Grilled Shrimp Taco has a citrus breeziness to it and great appeal. I loved all the red onion but could have used a bit more of the cilantro sauce. It’s a great alternative to all the meat on the menu.


The Braised Pork Belly Taco is warm and sweet. It’s a bit meager, as you can see, but they’re not that expensive at 3,600 won so it would be worth it to order a few.



The Three Wise Fries is everything that is right with the world of fusion. Loads of warm fries are topped with shredded chicken, galbi and pork, hot sauce, cheese sauce, onions (enough to scare off any date), cilantro and cilantro cream…it’s got it going on.

As well as they get along in the bowl, all these ingredients have a total taste party in your mouth. You can certainly understand why they have won a few accolades.

SAM_3462Overall, it was indeed a worthwhile trip to the land of Korean/Mexican togetherness. There was a lot of flavor  and there was a lot of bang for your buck with the fries. The tacos while tasty, were sparse inside and from the pictures I’ve seen in the past, I think we got a bit jipped. Maybe the Coreanos in Itaewon does better?

But, its a perfect place to buy many different things and taste them all. My favorite part of dining in Korea. I’ll have to try and remember the corn tortilla options next time as well. The waiter was standing at a really weird angle to get our order and he was kind of making it impossible for me to order normally so I felt stressed. :/

Next time I’ll allow for no distractions!

The Menu

See it here on their website. 


Coreanos Kitchen Website

Hours: 12-11pm everyday

Phone: 02-547-4427

Address:  Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 657-11 B1 (Apgujeong Rodeo Location)


  1. you’re killing me now! went to the one in itaewon last time i was in korea… couldn’t get enough of the three wise fries!

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