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 In the five years I’ve lived in Korea, I’ve been amazed at the cosmopolitan transformation. And no where do those changes reflect more than in the food. When I first arrived, the most common Western restaurant you could find was a “French/Italian” blend serving, most notably, a plate of sweet fettuccine Alfredo with a side of sweet pickles and maybe a piece of sugared garlic bread.
Gross.Today, Seoul is a hub of international food for Korea. Foreigners, Korean Americans and Koreans have changed the international food landscape from sad to spectacular. Mix the international food scene with the unique and flavorful Korean cuisine and you have a world class eating city. There is such a vast variety of restaurants on my to-do list I’m pretty sure I will never get to them all. #eatinggoalsPlease let me know if you need directions or other information.

Also, drop me a note if you’ve also been!

~ Crystal

 *Recommended Highly

Western | Fusion | Cafes | Food


Ali Baba: Middle Eastern. Itaewon

ANH: Authentic Vietnamese. Yeonnamdong


Bad Farmers Sinsa Garosugil Salad

Salads from Bad Farmers

Bad Farmers: Salads, Soups, Juices. Sinsadong*

Ban Pichai: Authentic Thai. Nonhyon. Gangnam*

Banana Tree Cafe: Unique Cafe. Sinsa, Gangnam

Beale Street: Southern American BBQ. Hongdae

Beautiful Tea House: Traditional Teas, Rice Cakes. Itaewon

(The) Beastro: New American, Hongdae*

Brew 3.14: Pizza, Craft Beers. Insadong

Brick Oven New York Pizzeria: New York Style Pizza. Gangnam*

Brooklyn, The Burger Joint: American, burgers, milkshakes. Seorae Village, Seocho*

Burger Hunter: Burgers, Chicken sandwiches, fries. Gangnam + various locations

Butterfingers: Brunch, Breakfast foods, Coffee. Gangnam + various locations


Cafe Able: Sandwiches, Salads, Juice, Pizza, Farm to Table. Garosugil*

Cafe Mamas: Sandwiches, Paninis, Salads. Gangnam + various locations*

The Mac Hopscotch 2

Mac & Cheese from Hopscotch

Chloris Tea Room: Brunch, Coffees, Teas, Desserts. Gangnam

Chloris Tea Room |Revisted|

Coreanos: Mexican Fusion. Itaewon + Apgujeong


Double Trouble: Sandwiches, Philly Cheesesteaks. Gangnam

Double Trouble | Revisited


Elbon the table: Fine Dining, Molecular Gastronomy. Sinsadong*


Fell + Cole: Organic Ice Cream, Hongdae

Flying Pan White Garosugil Brunch French Toast with Bananas 2

Banana French Toast from The Flying Pan

(The) Flying Pan White: Brunch, Western. Garosugil*


Gateaux de Voyage: French Desserts. Nonhyun

Gatten Sushi: Conveyor Belt Sushi. Gangnam

GongBoo Cha: Traditional Chinese tea room. Gangnam

Guilty Pleasure: American Southern, Itaewon*


Hopscotch, the Gastropub : Craft Beer. New American food. Gangnam*

Hotel Douce: French style bakery. Macaroons. Eclairs. Seorae Village, Seocho


John Cook Deli Meats: Sandwiches, Salad, American Style BBQ. Apgujeong*

John Cook Deli Meats | Revisted

Jungsik: Upscale Dining, Western + Korean fusion. Gangnam*


Apple Pie from Jungsik

Jungsik | Revisited

JR Southern Style BBQ: Southern American BBQ. Itaewon

Julio Mexican Cuisine: Mexican. Gangnam + various locations.


Lab XXIV | Edward Kwon: Upscale Dining, Gastronamic Dining, Fusion. Cheongdam, Gangnam

LeBrunchic: Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch, Pastas, Wine. IFC Mall and Garosogil, Seoul

Le Pul: Sandwiches, Salads, Desserts, Coffee. Jeongdong

Lobster Shack: New England style Lobster Rolls, Cocktails. Garosugil



Mushroom Tart @ The Beastro

MADE: New American, Italian American. Apgujeong

Magnolia Bakery: New York Style Bakery. Bundang, Coex Mall


Milkcow: Organic ice cream, macaroons, coffee. Gangnam + Other locations

Mingles: Voted #1 by Koreats. Upscale Korean fusion. Gangnam*

The Mixed One, Edward Kwon: Upscale Dining, Fusion. Hannamdong 

Moonbird Does Only Think of the Moon: Traditional tea cafe. Insadong


OM Restaurant & Bar: Indian, Nepalese. Samcheongdong

IMG_20151010_135421 (1)

Chicken Tikka from OM


Pier 17: Creole. Southern American Soul Food. Sinsadong


Riverside Hotel Chinese Restaurant: Peking Duck. Seochogu*

Ryunique: Korean Fusion. Fine Dining. Molecular Cuisine. Gangnam*


Street Churros: Churros, desert, coffee. Gangnam + various locations

Sushi Shi-ro: Japanese style Sushi. Hongdae*


Top Cloud: Upscale dining. Western Food. Insadong


Vatos: Mexican. Full Bar. GarosugilSinsa

Korean | Food

NOTE: This is a list of mainly Korean foods. Sometimes, if a place is particularly well known, I will add the restaurant name to the review. Otherwise, you can find these type of restaurants all over Korea.

Bossom: Steamed Pork

Bossom: Take 2

Dak Galbi Chuncheon Korea 005

Dak Galbi in Chuncheon

Budae Jjigae

Chinese Korean BBQ

Dak Galbi

Dak Galbi: Chuncheon Edition (birthplace of dak galbi)

Heuk dwaeji: Jeju Black Pork

Hoonje ori Smoked Duck

Imun Seolnongtang: Seolleongtang. Jongno*

Jaha Son: Korean Mandu (dumplings) Baumdong*

Mapo Galbi: Pork Rib BBQ. Gangnam*

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