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The Libertine | Revisited

This place is one of the jewels of Itaewon. The modern yet classic design, the changing menu and the kind staff make this a one of a kind eating treat.

A friend was leaving Korea, as they are wont to do in our expat life, and she had not been to The Libertine. This was the classy exit she needed.  Mimosas all around!

After checking the menu for new dishes, we ordered some divine buttered scrambled eggs on top of salmon and toast, Eggs Benedict with salmon (which they call Eggs Royale) and, to top off our ocean themed brunch, fried calamari. The eggs with butter were kill-worthy. I’m quite sure I liked them better than the Benedict, which were perfectly oozy and beautiful. They know how to make a nice little salad as well to balance out the butter and goodness.

The calamari could have benefited from sitting somewhere to drain. They were a little mushy around the bottom and a bit greasy. I liked to breading, which was a little thick but flavored well. And their aioli is perfect.  Thick breading can be a problem for seafood that tends to cook quickly. Hot, hot oil, a quick plunge and some drying time would have made the calamari sing. (In my humble opinion.)

However, it didn’t stop me from eating nearly all of them by myself.

Overall, another beautiful meal at The Libertine! See my first visit here! 

Libertine Itaewon Seoul 001

Libertine Itaewon Seoul 002

Libertine Itaewon Seoul 003

Libertine Itaewon Seoul 004

Libertine Itaewon Seoul 005


The Libertine Facebook Page (Check for hours.)

Number: 02-790-9477

Address: 112-3 Bogwangro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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