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Korean Spiced Chili | with sweet cornbread

Spicy chili and the sweetest, cake-like cornbread merged together to make me incredibly happy with this meal. It’s been cold, drizzly, and the sun disappears sometime before I get off work…this is what I needed. This is what you need. This chili’s blend of Korean gochugaru, chipotle peppers in adobo and cumin are a mouth full of spice, love and warmth. Mine is vegan, and, wow, bring on the fake stuff! I loved the vegan meat I got at High Street Market in Itaewon. It had a great consistency and I didn’t miss the beef at all. Top it with your all time favorites: avocado, cilantro, sour cream, Greek yogurt, corn chips, cheese, green onions and all other manner of deliciousness. Keep the cheese out though if you want to keep it vegan. I’d also like to rave about the chips I used. These tortilla chips are also a new favorite! You can find them at IHerb for a bit cheaper than High Street Market; they are made from beans but are won-der-ful! It’s winter. Be …

The Beastro | new american in hongdae

The Beastro is a well known and well hearted American bistro in Hongdae. It’s basically the Target of Western dining in Korea, everyone can take away something pretty good from it. My foodie pal Phil and I headed over there one gloriously awesome autumn day to have breakfast, cocktails and to overhear conversations in English. After living in Korea for some time, I really have begun to hate listening to stranger’s banter that I actually understand. I think I really always hated it, even back in America. Why is there something so irritating about listening to people talk about things that are not remotely about you. I’m sure I’m not alone here. Being in a restaurant and not understanding anything, living in a beautiful bubble of dumbness, there is something otherworldly about it. It’s one of the reasons I love Korea. Bubbles. My ridiculous sensitivities aside, the meal was very on the mark. I was excited before even going after reading the menu online and seeing a mushroom tart. MUSHROOM. TART. Did they know I was coming? They …

Hanbox | new review!

We were so happy to get another kind review by Beeju Boxes this month. As she subscribed to the box, she received the first box in July (which was our first box too). As we continue to evolve our box and ideas, we love to get feedback. Order yours today and tell us what you think! Order here! There is still time to order the September / October box! See our review here! Follow Us!  Facebook  Instagram Website Twitter

autumn | design

Nothing is like autumn. Saying adios to 90 degree heat and the ever persistent humidity that creeps into my hair sending it whisping all over my head like a maniac’s crown  gives me a renewed energy. Saying hello to crispy weather, comfort foods and colorful ginkgo leaves makes it all worth the torture. It is the best part of the year and the part I wait (somewhat) patiently for during those other three seasons. This autumn: I’ll be making amazing things in the kitchen (and probably some disasters as well 🙂 ). Going to new places (getting my Vitamin D). And getting the most out of this weather. My Pinterest page has exploded with ideas, itineraries and designing the most autumnist of autumns. I will rule Autumn 2016.     to make wild mushroom lasagna by delallo kimchi udon stir fry by pickledplum savory tomato tarts with goat cheese by yellow lemon tree weeknight vegetable curry by smitten kitchen portuguese chicken with crispy potatoes by feasting at home last but not least, korean spiced chili from hapa …

Another Happy Review!

You guys, I’ve been so happy this week! We received a very sweet review with excellent pictures to accompany our promotional box  with The Homespun Chics! Sarah reviewed each item individually and has nice insight into our motivations behind including each item. According to their website: The Homespun Chics is a PR-friendly lifestyle and review blog owned and operated by a mom and daughter duo. We are in constant search of quality products & subscription boxes, crafty projects, places to travel, and delicious recipes. We offer fun reader giveaways and coupons when possible. The Homespun Chics strive to promote businesses and people that inspire us! A mom and daughter duo….too cute! And a big thank you to Sarah for reviewing our box! Please check out their review! NEW! Hanbox Subscription Box Preview   You can check out our website or put your order in for a subscription too! Hanbox    

Travel | Korea is Updated

I’ve updated my travel tab to include some printables and a (hopefully) much easier way to look through the wonderland of activities here in Seoul and Korea. They are now separated into areas of interest to make it easier to find something you like. The new categories are: Places of Historical Interest Including history museums, burial tombs, temples and more. Places of Nature To visit some of the wilds of Korea, even here in Seoul, like hiking trails and parks. Places of Artistic Interest This includes museums, galleries and special exhibits. Around the Neighborhood Exploring unique neighborhoods all around Seoul Get Out of the City Different places to venture off to outside of this great city.   Check out the new tab here!

Hoonje(훈제) ori(오리) | Smoked Duck

After walking around Insadong galleries and building up a monstrous appetite (doesn’t take much), I convinced Phil we needed to try a back alley, old school, touristy Korean restaurant. I’ve wanted to try one for so long and I did have to push a bit because Phil has Korean food everyday. But, I really don’t so I was desperate for some. Aaaand….I’m pretty pushy. Back alley restaurant it was!

Roast | Chicken

I never thought to brine anything. I often don’t want to add an extra step to what should be terribly easy, like a roasted chicken.  But, it was Thanksgiving and turkeys in this country can run about $80 and you can absolutely forget about finding an organic turkey.  So I thought that I’d treat my little non-GMO, non-antibiotic chickens with some respect. I brined the little guys and the meat simply fell right off the bone after roasting. This chicken was ahhmazing. So if you are looking to make your chicken a bit more special, think about a simple brine. You only have to plan ahead overnight. And, if you’re like me, that’s about as far in advance as I can think about dinner. Also of note, I don’t have a roasting pan so I used onions to prop up the birds. The drippings make the most unbelievable gravy if you so choose. I served the onions on the side with the chicken. Ingredients:  2 (2-3 pound) whole chickens. NOTE: Chickens in Korea are infinitely smaller …

Favorite BBQ Place |Renovated|

Mapo Galbi 마포갈비 got all done up! There are two amazing pork rib BBQ joints down the street from me. They stand opposite each other, facing each other like mortal enemies. Well, my favorite one, Mapo Galbi, 마포갈비,  just got a leg up on the other this month when it debuted all shiny and new after renovations. I, of course, was first concerned that the renovations from a very old, run down, but authentically Korean, establishment looking place to an ultra modern, beautifully clean looking place would effect the quality of the food. Back in America, renovations or upgrades do not necessarily mean the restaurant will be as good in the food department.  So I went in immediately to judge the food quality for myself. Sadly, I don’t have any before pictures of anything but the food. So I can’t show you what an amazing transformation was made to the restaurant itself, but you can take my word that it is really spectacular. The food? Perfectly the same as before. I was deliriously happy.  This is …

Jeju Island |Home of the Random Museums|

I’m not exaggerating to say that Jeju Island has the wackiest, strangest, most random museums bunched together in one place in the whole, entire world. It seems to entice people to visit this once isolated, tropical island was to pop up some wierdo museum in hopes of squeezing tourists out of their money and away from the beaches. I really don’t get it. I know Koreans aren’t one for sunbathing but these museums have nothing to do with the island. The only reason I agreed to go to so many was mainly because it was either raining or I thought it would be a nice respite from the heat. Not that I didn’t have fun. I had fun. I just would have preferred some of their more relative museums like the O’Sollac Tea Museum, The Jeju Chocolate Museum, the Botanical Gardens or an art museum. But, my friend likes wacky, so we did wacky. Life is about compromise, right?