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Double Trouble | Revisited

Ahh, Double Trouble. How I have missed you. (See first review here 🙂 )

This is only the second visit to DT because, well, just look at this food. It’s not exactly heart healthy. So I save it for those very special occasions when I need a fat and sugar fix. Like the same day I sign up for a six month gym membership. Yep. That’s what happened. I signed up for the gym on the same day I headed back to the basement eatery to try all new things covered in cheese.

I’m going to just remind you again that this is not a full on western style place. It is definitely fusion, but its fusion in the best possible sense. On purpose. They don’t pretend to be true American cuisine then ruin it by being made more for Korean tastes. It’s all out in the open and honest. I love that about this place.

Now onto the food…


The Cheese and Ddeok. I have often considered making this at home before I ever knew they had it on a menu somewhere in the world. Great minds, right? This one could use a little more flavor, just some salt and pepper would do it, but the texture and creaminess is wonderful. It’s like eating a really decadent mac and cheese (albeit processed cheese). I still have a few tricks up my sleeve if I were to make it my own but I’m going to save that for a rainy day since DT stole my original idea. Just kidding, guys. Love you! 😀


The Truffle Oil and Parmesan Fries. Whew…it was a lot of Parmesan. I guess its a bit too much to say that I would have liked to see fresher cheese (I think its from a can) on the fries, but they were a pretty good snack. Definitely would be perfect alongside a beer and some good company.


The Shrimp Roll, I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a bite. I had a lot going on at the table and I didn’t really want to fill up with this sandwich. It’s pretty though, I’ll give it that. The bread roll looks phenomenal.


The W.M.C. (Waffle. Maple Syrup. Chicken.) right there in my face. I’ve always said my “death-row” meal would be fried chicken. My sister told me once that was boring because everybody says that, but, I’m going to up the ante now and say my death row meal will be Fried Chicken & Waffles with Maple Syrup because its a creation straight out of the gates of heaven. I didn’t even care that the waffle was made from a mix and the chicken was slightly over breaded. Don’t care. It was so good I can forgive all the small sins.




Real Maple Syrup and Butter



The Whole Spread

Directions: From Sinnonhyeon Exit 4, turn right on Bongeunsa-ro 4-gil. Turn left on Gangnam-daero 100-gil. Walk for about 5 minutes, you will go past Milkcow and Brick Oven Pizza. The restaurant is on your right. The entrance is down a small alley to the right but you can see the sign from the road you’re walking on.


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