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Dore Dore Cafe | A Review

This place, man. It’s so easy to see why the popularity took off into outer space.The desserts are gorgeous, the coffee is good, each modern floor is decorated with  simple but beautiful design, and there are windows and light for your rainbow cake to bask in. It’s basically Instagram-heaven.

The major problem with Dore Dore is the aforementioned popularity and if you get there anytime around dinner, forget about getting a seat. And if you do make a deal with the devil for a seat, forget about a nice, blissfully quiet atmosphere.

Koreans like to whoop it up…even in cafes. Basically, every place you go around this area, if it’s even a little crowded, will sound like you’re in a bar late at night and it’s ladies drink free night. Ah, Korea. You do like to have fun at the expense of my sensitive ears.

The first time Phil and I tried this place on a Saturday evening all three floors were packed. There was no chance of getting a seat and it was so loud I remember having to speak in an “outdoor” voice just to get it to carry. But, as luck would have it, Sunday mornings are preciously quiet. Get there around noon and you can get a seat, or maybe a whole floor, to yourself like we did.

Is it worth going? Yes, if you go when there are few people…it is definitely worth it. The cake is good (although refrigerated, which, meh… I prefer room temp cake.) and the icing is very sweet and creamy. I loved the third floor, which felt like a refurbished attic and the views were great. The coffee is nice and strong as well. But, if it is busy and loud…nah, find another gem and save yourself some stress.

Dore Dore cafe Garosugil Seoul 002

Dore Dore cafe Garosugil Seoul 014

Dore Dore cafe Garosugil Seoul 009

Dore Dore cafe Garosugil Seoul 011

Dore Dore cafe Garosugil Seoul 013

Dore Dore cafe Garosugil Seoul 012

dore dore

Dore Dore Cafe

Address: 서울시 강남구 도산대로15길 40    1F 40 Dosandae-ro 15gil Gangnam-gu Seoul


Phone: 02 540 4553



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