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Hopscotch: the gastropub | A Review

Title hopscotch

This is my new favorite place, everybody.

Practically hidden in an alley in Nonhyeon-dong (my neighborhood!) there sits this fantastic restaurant and bar. One of the best parts of Hopscotch is that it is not in Itaewon. Not that there is anything wrong with Itaewon, but this place feels undiscovered although its been around since 2013. It’s otherworldly inside, meaning, you won’t feel like you’re in Seoul anymore. The best part, however, is the no hold’s barred, up the ante, soul food.  I was happily indulged with everything we ordered and ate until my gut felt angry and suicidal.

There’s a big menu of food and drinks. (I only have a few pictures of the menu below.) You can eat big or just get something for drinking; either way, you’re going to be in for a treat. The prices for food are high but completely worth every won. They have craft beers to choose from, cocktails and a full bar. They have what looks like the full collection from The Hand & Malt, a small micro brewery out of Gyeongi-do, on tap.

The place seems secretive but inviting. It would be the perfect to get there earlyish to eat and drink all night. I would have stayed longer and tried more off the menu but I was exhausted from a long day and filled to the brim. It’s a great excuse to return.

hopscotch entrance

One of the reasons it seems so secretive is that the main door has no name on it. You need to recognize the place by the square, neon sign by the flag. Inside the sliding door (does it remind you of a speakeasy??) you will see the door below.

hopscotch door

hopscotch 2

hopscotch cocktail area

hand and malt


hopscotch table deco

new menu

The “New Menu” looked very promising. My first choice, the Farmer’s Market Lasagna, was not available. So we chose the Granola Fried Chix with dark meat.

hopscotch menu

The place is known for their Duck Frites, or fries that are fried in duck fat. Sounds great for a side with beer but I didn’t want them for a full meal.

hopscotch menu 3

On the Hearty Fare menu we chose The Mac. Holy mother of god…more on that below. But that Chix Rotisserie sounds lip smacking as well and I think I’ll be choosing that one next time.

hopscotch menu 2

belgium wit hand and malt

The Belgian Wit

Light, citrusy, refreshing. Perfect summer beer.

greek salad

The Santorini 

This Greek style salad was very special. I am not a fan of creamy salad dressings (sorry Ranch lovers) but I cannot stand one more bitter salad with balsamic dressing, otherwise known as, The dreaded Korean Salad. The Santorini has microgreens, red onion, olives, feta cheese, (very good) hummus, pita bread and a wonderful oil and vinegar dressing. I wanted to order another one…but I needed room for everything else.

Hopscotch greek salad 3

hopscotch greek salad

The Mac Hopscotch

The Mac

Oh, man. This is the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had…and I’ve made mac and cheese from scratch before and I’ve had for-real soul food mac and cheese by people who know what they’re doing in the kitchen. However, it’s hard to beat these noodles smothered in five different cheeses and topped with bacon.  This is what you need to order, right here.  I will shed tears if they ever take it off the menu.

The Mac Hopscotch 2

Fried Chicken Hopscotch

Granola Fried Chix

The reason I ordered The Mac was because I also ordered fried chicken and those two should never be divorced.  The only complaint I had of the whole meal was that the chicken batter could use a touch more salt, but the meat was perfectly cooked and I loved the granola crust. The cuban corn was cooked well and had a nice, sweet flavor. The buttermilk biscuit was scrumptious and they had the good sense to add a little sweetness by giving us a dollop of jam. I can’t even complain about a dry biscuit??  Am I still in Korea??

Fried Chicken Hopscotch 2

Fried Chicken Hopscotch 3

Fried Chicken Hopscotch 4

Hopefully you are convinced to check it out. Wherever you are in Korea, this place is worth the trip!

Hopscotch: The Gastropub

Phone: 02-511-0145

Addresss:     B1, 113-20, Nonhyeon-dong, gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

강남구 논현동 113-20 번지, Seoul, Korea

Directions: Follow your GPS map and once it says “You’re there!” and you can’t see it, it’s around the other side of the building.  It  is behind the TNK building.


  1. I’ve been wanting to check out this place for a long time! Looks like there’s so much good stuff on the menu to try out! I’d definitely be indulging in those duck frites, but I know hubby would be all over the Romesco Chicharron. 🙂

    • I agree! There were only a couple of things on the menu I wouldn’t want to eat and that’s just because I don’t eat that much meat. It’s so worth the trip but I was happy to see how close it was to my place! I can’t wait to go back.

  2. I’m so embarrassed that I haven’t been here yet! Haha. Great write-up! I think Jamie will love this place.

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