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Jalgachi | fish market

Do you feel that?

That’s  that mean girl winter FINALLY getting the hell out of here. The sun is out and we only have a scant amount of time before the weather turns on us again here in Seoul and becomes an abhorrent shade of humidity and heat.

So let’s enjoy the spring! The best season in Korea.

And let’s break in the season with some raw fish!

Last year my friend, Phil and I headed down to the the southern tip of Korea, Busan. We headed straight to a spot for lunch at the  Jalgachi Fish Market. Downstairs is a wonderland of fish and seafood…with a pungent smell and wetness just, everywhere. Upstairs is a restaurant where we parked ourselves for a giant raw lunch.

There were some definite good things: the steamed lobster, the flatfish, the abalone, the boiled potatoes, the kimchi. There were also some let downs: the raw lobster tail and the raw moving squid come to mind. Overall, I was happy with what was set down in front of us. I believe it is something everyone in Korea needs to try.

It’s a great Busan experience and a place that seems thoroughly Korean.   

Look how happy she is!




the most important ladies at the market


I did not know this was coming, nor did I eat it.

It’s octopus that is still moving around.

Not cool. Not cool. My food needs to be thoroughly dead before entering my mouth.


steamed abalone


raw fish


raw lobster tail: saddest part of the meal



steamed lobster: best part of the meal


pulled this sucker out whole


when lobsters attack


Head on over if you are in sunny Busan! Come for the fish smell…stay for the fresh fish….don’t order the moving stuff.

Address: 52, Jagalchihaean-ro, Jung-gu, Busan
부산광역시 중구 자갈치해안로 52 (남포동4가)

To get there by subway: Jagalchi Station (Busan subway line 1), Exit 10., turn right onto Jagalchi 3(sam)-gil Street. Walk for 5min, then turn left to arrive at Jagalchi Market.




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