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Beyond Samples **Giveaway!**

Hello all! I have been hot and busy here in the city of Seoul. We have been trampled under the feet of a very needy heat wave. As my hair and sweat glands do not do well with the stress, I’ve been spending my days lounging under an air conditioner dreaming of fall.

During that time I’ve been curating for Hanbox, the Korean lifestyle subscription box I co-own, and working on pictures, but not updating the blog as much.

But, the good news is…I have some stuff to giveaway because I’ll never be able to use all the samples I have stored up from all my shopping excursions! Beyond is always quite generous with their samples so I have more than enough. These are all cruelty free and eco friendly.

Here is what’s on offer:

Loads of sample packs with creams, emusulsions, essences, serum and scrubs. This is a great way to try some of Beyond’s products to see what you like.

Beyond Korea Giveaway Une Peach 008

I really have to figure out why the picture looks so yellow. :/ But, I have a couple of face masks to go in the bag! These are not samples, but a good way to try out Beyond face masks for yourself.

Beyond Korea Giveaway Une Peach 003

This Phyto Aqua set is really nice and I’ve been using it recently and having good results. It’s light and I think it’s doing wonders for my troublesome skin that is allergic to EV ER Y THING.

I have been having so many issues with breakouts and rashes from the heat and pollution recently but they have seemed to clear up using these samples and my Beyond Apple Mint face wash.

Beyond Korea Giveaway Une Peach 002

And that’s it! If you would like a chance to win, please visit and like my Facebook page and send me a quick message. I will pick a winner at random on August 27th and have them mailed off! Quick and easy!

If you would like to know more about buying cruelty free products in Korea, just check out my Cruelty Free in Korea page with information, links and a PDF to help you shop. 😀

Put your money where you’re ❤️ is! Buy cruelty free! 


  1. what wonderful korean items!!! I’d love to try them…looks awesome!! thanks for the chance!!
    liked facebook, twitter and IG!!

    • Hi Natasha, according to the last post by KARA, Mamonde was in the category “does not test on animals, but sells to China…” So, it’s really a personal opinion whether you count this as cruelty free. It’s not good that they sell in China, but it is good that they have taken a stand against testing here in Korea. Hope this helps!

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