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Donghae | relax east coast style

The east sea has beautiful blue water and sandy beaches. Our trip was very quick and the days were mostly overcast. But, the peace of being away from Seoul made the trip to sleepy Donghae worth the bus ride out there.

where to stay

We booked a room at the Hyunjin Tourist Hotel.

  • It was spacious, clean and has lovely staff. This was a picture of our view from the room. It was about a block from the quiet and calm Hanseomhaean Beach. It’s a block a different way to many restaurants and stores.
  • They could not find my reservation so we were upgraded. Terrific end to a moment of panic.
  • I booked through Agoda here.

Donghae Korea East Coast 001

what to do

Besides the beach, in particular, Mangsang Beach, there are actually several things to do in this small coastal city.

Donghae Korea East Coast 010Donghae Korea East Coast 011

Donghae Korea East Coast 019

Donghae Korea East Coast 029

where to eat

  • Head to Mokho Port for some scenery and “Sushi Street.” You can find many places along the way to eat fresh seafood and whiff fresh seafood.

Donghae Korea East Coast 034Donghae Korea East Coast 036Donghae Korea East Coast 037Donghae Korea East Coast 038

to get there

  • From Seoul: From Express Bus Terminal to Donghae Express Bus Terminal (동해고속버스터미널). Takes about 3 hours.

The weather is warming up again! How about a quick weekend break to a beautiful place that is calm and quaint?

Please visit soon! Likes and follows and shares are loved!

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