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John Cook Deli Meats | A Review


Directions can be found on their website here: John Cook Deli Meats. 


Oh! I am so happy I recognized the name of this delight as I was wondering around the streets near Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong looking for an awesome meal. I know I must have seen “John Cook” on FB or some blog I’ve read. And how perfect of a lunch was it? It was as perfect as a rainbow tickling a kitty lounging on a cloud. Wow…That’s a bit much.

But, they have a wonderful menu and I’m anxious to go back and try their American style BBQ with side dishes. We had a salad and sandwich as we had a big dinner ahead of us. The deco was modern and industrial with beautiful tables and chairs and real flowers for the table.

I will tell you how good the meal was by telling you what it was lacking.

The salad and sandwich did not include: weird dressings, too much mayo, sweet relish, sweet pickles,thin and soggy bacon , sweet and/or soggy bread or indistinguishable vegetables.  Many of you in Korea know that those are the signature condiments/ingredients of a Korean style “Western” sandwich. And they are usually DIS-GUSTING.

This salad and sandwich were terrific. See below for more proof.








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