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Magnolia Bakery | A Review

Life is short, eat more cupcakes! I have to admit that I get a lot of baked goods as gifts. It’s wonderful to receive them but, at times, there is far too much for me to eat in my singledom. Very often, I share the gifts with friends or coworkers simply because if I bring it home, I will eat every crumb by myself. Then I will be in a happy/sad food coma we all know too well. But these little colorful babies were all mine. You may recognize the name Magnolia from the epic HBO show, Sex and the City, as Miranda and Carrie stuffed their faces with cupcakes in front of the shop and all the women watching swooned at the sugary goodness. The original spot was founded in New York in 1996 and is known for these adorable, pastel cupcakes that are handmade. I even got the “Carrie” cupcake, which is the little pink darling. So exciting! The most important part? They’re delicious. Sugary sweet and a perfect cupcake size. It felt like …

Reminiscing | Christmas 2013

In three days (WHAT?! Packing! Presents! Cats!) I am heading home for a short visit for the Christmas holiday . Even though my cats have decided that the piece of luggage I pulled out to pack is their new jungle gym, I am really excited. Christmas in my family home is laidback, carefree and full of food. We don’t sit down at an elegantly decked out table and nothing is hands-off or formal. For the family party there are always multiple casseroles, kids, dogs, presents, lots of coffee and free wheeling dining habits. There is no “kid’s table” its more “wherever you sit is your seat.” There is no real schedule, its just when people feel like doing things. That’s how Christmas should be, according to me. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too, wherever your world may be!! I hope its just your style.

Brooklyn: the burger joint |A Review|

I am probably 1 1/2 years late in reviewing this place. This is the cat’s pajamas. The bees knees. The whatever of foodie meccas in Seoul. Errrrbody loves Brooklyn. There are hundreds thousands millions of reviews online (big ones, small ones, itsy bitsy blurbs) about the holy grail of burgers in the world of kimchi. But, this was my first ever visit so the world is getting one more review. 😀

|Revisiting| John Cook’s Deli Meats

  Oh, how I love this place! I really intended to go and try something other than a sandwich but it’s a warm, summer day and a sandwich just sounded so perfect. I must go back to try the damn bbq…and I will…but at a later date. Today I decided to have a chicken + avocado sandwich on ciabatta bread. It was divine. The bread itself was so soft and had a perfect chewiness. The chicken was chicken breast, not processed, and the avocado was as perfect as that fruit can be. The sweet staff brought two “service” items. For those of you not in Korea, service items are freebies that Koreans love to give and Koreans and Westerners alike love to get. We got a little toast with German style meatloaf and a roasted pepper and sausage salad. Fantastic. And I just want to throw out there that they make their own pickles. So they are tangy and crisp…like they should be. There isn’t a sweetness in sight. Plus, they sell them in big …

John Cook Deli Meats | A Review

Directions can be found on their website here: John Cook Deli Meats.    Oh! I am so happy I recognized the name of this delight as I was wondering around the streets near Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong looking for an awesome meal. I know I must have seen “John Cook” on FB or some blog I’ve read. And how perfect of a lunch was it? It was as perfect as a rainbow tickling a kitty lounging on a cloud. Wow…That’s a bit much. But, they have a wonderful menu and I’m anxious to go back and try their American style BBQ with side dishes. We had a salad and sandwich as we had a big dinner ahead of us. The deco was modern and industrial with beautiful tables and chairs and real flowers for the table. I will tell you how good the meal was by telling you what it was lacking. The salad and sandwich did not include: weird dressings, too much mayo, sweet relish, sweet pickles,thin and soggy bacon , sweet and/or …