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Buying Cruelty Free in Korea | with Free Printable!

Welcome to another update to Buying Cruelty Free in Korea!  This post includes a free printable and a product review!

Since the KARA website discontinued their updated list of cruelty free products in Korea, I’ve been working on a simple list of my own that I can quickly refer to when I’m out or when I feel like shopping online.

I made it into a printable for you! You can print it out for free or download it onto your phone to have when you are out. My goal is to expand the list and make it a regular feature of the blog.

This list includes both Korean and some foreign products. I wanted to show that you can find both in Korea and that it is getting easier than ever to find cosmetics, toiletries and other products not tested on animals.

I will soon be giving reviews of some house cleaning products, so stay tuned!

Click here to download a free PDF of your list! ON NOW

New Item Review: Petal Fresh Products

Just like most of my great discoveries, I just happened upon Petal Fresh at LOHB one day when I was just wandering around. At very reasonable prices, I am loving the body wash, body scrub and body oil. So far that is all they offer at the store (so I bought it all, of course) but I’m hoping they will bring some more of their products in. They are cruelty free and vegan!

You can check out their website here!

I’m happy to add these to my list. My favorite so far is the coconut body oil. It’s not too greasy and I like the bottle and opening that allows only a little out at a time. For a girl who often spills all over herself, it’s a small godsend.

I wish the body scrub was a little scrubbier. I like more scrub and a less lotiony feel, but I like the smell and how big the jar is. The body wash, while not my favorite I’ve ever found as it does seem a little cheap with the consistency, has a nice smell and I’ve used almost the entire bottle. I would recommend both as they are not expensive and it’s great to have a big bottle of body wash that is cruelty free.

They have one more scent at LOHB for the body wash and body oil, the Mango & Guava.

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