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Hanbox | new review!

We were so happy to get another kind review by Beeju Boxes this month. As she subscribed to the box, she received the first box in July (which was our first box too). As we continue to evolve our box and ideas, we love to get feedback. Order yours today and tell us what you think! Order here! There is still time to order the September / October box! See our review here! Follow Us!  Facebook  Instagram Website Twitter

Another Happy Review!

You guys, I’ve been so happy this week! We received a very sweet review with excellent pictures to accompany our promotional box  with The Homespun Chics! Sarah reviewed each item individually and has nice insight into our motivations behind including each item. According to their website: The Homespun Chics is a PR-friendly lifestyle and review blog owned and operated by a mom and daughter duo. We are in constant search of quality products & subscription boxes, crafty projects, places to travel, and delicious recipes. We offer fun reader giveaways and coupons when possible. The Homespun Chics strive to promote businesses and people that inspire us! A mom and daughter duo….too cute! And a big thank you to Sarah for reviewing our box! Please check out their review! NEW! Hanbox Subscription Box Preview   You can check out our website or put your order in for a subscription too! Hanbox    

Buying Cruelty Free in Korea | with Free Printable!

Welcome to another update to Buying Cruelty Free in Korea!  This post includes a free printable and a product review! Since the KARA website discontinued their updated list of cruelty free products in Korea, I’ve been working on a simple list of my own that I can quickly refer to when I’m out or when I feel like shopping online. I made it into a printable for you! You can print it out for free or download it onto your phone to have when you are out. My goal is to expand the list and make it a regular feature of the blog. This list includes both Korean and some foreign products. I wanted to show that you can find both in Korea and that it is getting easier than ever to find cosmetics, toiletries and other products not tested on animals. I will soon be giving reviews of some house cleaning products, so stay tuned! Click here to download a free PDF of your list! New Item Review: Petal Fresh Products Just like most …

Hanbox | My New Venture

This month my Portland-based friend Gina and I finally started promoting a shop that has been a couple years in the making…our own subscription box business! Our shop idea has gone through several key changes through our planning and vast amount of discussions. In the end, we decided a Korean lifestyle box was the way to go! We are in love with this idea! Now, it seems like such an obvious thing to do we both love Korea and the Korean culture. I have always loved shopping for all the unique Korean products and giving them to friends and family back home. Now I can do it lucratively! 😀 So we have created Hanbox! This is easily one of my proudest moments…this idea we had that came to fruition. Hanbox is our Korean lifestyle subscription box. Each month we will carefully choose the items to include from the wide varieties of Korean accessories, stationery, cosmetics and more. We chose the name and logo from the hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. We think it perfectly encapsulates Korea and her style. We hope …