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Ihwa | mural village

Ihwa Village is a controversial excursion to write a blog post about. There is currently a cold war playing out between selfie hungry visitors and those who call the area home. Obviously, as a human being, you want to side with the inhabitants. But, as someone who loves to look at street art and loves to put money into Korean crafts and stores, you can also see well meaning visitors’ sides. The issue arises again and again in Korea and makes me wonder: Can’t we tourists just stop being assh*les all the time?  So What’s the Controversy? Imagine living in a sleepy little village for most of your life. It’s underdeveloped and poor, but it’s home. One day a group of well meaning individuals decide to paint some colorful street art on the walls surrounding your neighborhood. It’s cute, sure, you might even like the whimsy at first. It’s supposed to bring tourism and money to your neck of the woods. Everything sounds great. And then, bam! Your village in overrun with loud mouth camera hogs desperate to get …

Buying Cruelty Free in Korea | with Free Printable!

Welcome to another update to Buying Cruelty Free in Korea!  This post includes a free printable and a product review! Since the KARA website discontinued their updated list of cruelty free products in Korea, I’ve been working on a simple list of my own that I can quickly refer to when I’m out or when I feel like shopping online. I made it into a printable for you! You can print it out for free or download it onto your phone to have when you are out. My goal is to expand the list and make it a regular feature of the blog. This list includes both Korean and some foreign products. I wanted to show that you can find both in Korea and that it is getting easier than ever to find cosmetics, toiletries and other products not tested on animals. I will soon be giving reviews of some house cleaning products, so stay tuned! Click here to download a free PDF of your list! New Item Review: Petal Fresh Products Just like most …

The War Memorial of Korea

If history is your thing, military or otherwise, then you’ll want to take a slow walk through Seoul’s War Memorial Museum of Korea. There is an amazing amount of information on Korea from Joseon times up to today They have life size turtle ships, beautiful displays, dedications, etc… There is, of course, a lot dedicated to the Japanese Colonialism and the Korean War and beautiful appreciation is given to the countries who were involved in helping Korea during those times. As so many wonderful museums in Korea, the entrance is free. Establishing free entertainment and education is one of the many things I love best about Korea. This is a great place to go during the rainy monsoon month that is coming upon us! The War Memorial of Korea Information