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Cruelty Free Products in Korea | April Update

Would you like more information? Please check my Cruelty Free in Korea Page!


The number of cruelty free products we can buy in Korea is growing and it is getting easier for me to spend all my hard earned money on cosmetics and toiletries as of late!

Worth it.

However…One disappointing bit of news to report is that KARA  or 카라  (Korea Animal Rights Advocates) no longer has an English website. It had loads of information and a wonderful list of companies you could buy from that have cruelty free products available here in Korea. I will definitely be contacting them to beg for the website back, or at least the list, and I hope you will too if you used it!

This is the last list from KARA. Hopefully it is all still accurate. 😀

kara cruelty-free list updated 2015


The first group are those companies who do not test on animals, do not use animal ingredients and do not export to China.

The second group are those companies who do not test on animals and do not export to China.

The third group are those companies who do not test on animals and do not use animal ingredients.

The last group are those companies who do not test on animals.

Recently, I’ve taken a more lax stance on the final category.  Although they ship to China, it is still a good idea to support companies who will not use animal testing here in Korea if you enjoy their products. (Don’t buy them in China, they are not cruelty free at all then.) And I have been reading promising news that in a couple years, South Korea will do away with animal testing on cosmetics. Read more here!  So by buying those brands who are taking a cruelty free stand in Korea, I’m sure it is generating the influence needed to push those new laws.

Also, I just wanted to give a big thanks to my friend, Phil. In the last post about cruelty free products I was very worried that my favorite store, Beyond, was no longer on the list at KARA. Phil called Beyond and let them know they were no longer listed and within a week, they had reclaimed their spot on the list! He was a big help and it eased my mind about Beyond!


Some of the new products I’ve been using lately!

avalon organics

shampoo/conditioner/body wash

Avalon Organics! As you can see, I’m a little bit of a fan. They have many scents and the quality of the shampoo and body wash especially are quite nice. I’m not bowled over with the conditioner but I think it would be great for someone with normal hair.

Found at LOHB

Beyond deoderantdeodorant

As a sweaty gal, I was have trouble with natural/cruelty free deodorants. I know it is still spring and the real test will be Korea’s unbearable summer, but, so far this one is holding its own. The scent is very strong but I have gotten used to it. If you live in Korea, you know how hard it is to find deodorant period. So, to find a cruelty free one is like a coup this side of swimming the Chunnel.

Found at Beyond


I’ll be writing a full review of these products from Beyond soon. My current beauty camouflage that help cover up the fact that I’m not 30 anymore.

Found at Beyond

Method handwashhandsoap

On the list for the next shopping trip, more cruelty free household products! I can find this method hand wash easily but the other things (cleaners, soaps, detergents, etc…) is a bit harder. The search continues!

Found at Olive Young



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