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March Rabbit Salad | A Review

Finding a salad that is not bitter greens drenched in balsamic dressing in this city is hard pressed, but, not impossible anymore. As Seoul keeps its steady march into globalization, finding healthy Western food, with Western tastes in mind, is getting easier. No longer do I have to settle for pizza and pasta when I need something from back home. I can go to a place like March Rabbit Salad.

This spot is just fun. Subtly playing with an Alice in Wonderland theme, this restaurant is airy and bright and cheerful. It’s impossible to miss on the streets of Sinsa, near Garosugil, with all the money they spent on bright yellow paint. I love it, though, as it takes the food seriously, but the interior remains whimsical.

The menu ain’t half bad either. It’s crammed full of salads (you can design your own), sandwiches, and juices. Everything is fresh and well seasoned. This place is great for the vegetarians and vegans who roam among us. There are options for all. My one and only gripe is that I’d love to see some Western style soups here. A potato, a chicken noodle, a broccoli and cheese, a clam chowder…oh my…it would take this place to another world.

march rabbit salad garosugil 006 menu

The recently made an English menu! Good news: It’s in English. Bad news: They have only one. It’s giant and posted at the front, but there is nothing to hold in your hand while deciding. Print this one out! You can bring it along 🙂


march rabbit salad garosugil 007

This is the second time I’ve ordered the salmon sandwich. It’s beautiful and delicious. They chop the fish up and season it with a flavorful mayo and sandwich it between two soft pieces of toasted bread. Weirdly enough, they told me it was spicy and asked, “Is that okay?” Uh. It wasn’t spicy at all. Not a smidgen. My end conclusion was that they did not add whatever made it spicy for fear I would complain. I look like a complainer. It was probably a good call.

I sprung for a fried egg on top of my salad because it was “brunch.” And who doesn’t love a fried egg on everything?

march rabbit salad garosugil 008

march rabbit salad garosugil 003

march rabbit salad garosugil 009

The happy vegan salad was full of greenie glory. This sucker had green hummus, baked tofu, lentils and grains. I loved everything but the hummus. It had a weird sweetness I couldn’t love. It almost tasted like they added sugar to the mix. All the other ingredients were very happy; like the name implies.

march rabbit salad garosugil 010

march rabbit salad garosugil 011

March Rabbit Salad


Phone: 070-4531-4514

Address: 45 Nonhyeon-ro, 153-gil, Gangnam-gu

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