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GongBoo Cha | Traditional Tea House


Never underestimate the power of wandering around aimlessly. It’s honestly how I find most things in Seoul…or anywhere, really. So, when I suggested going for a walk last Saturday I was very happy to find a new traditional tea house in my neighborhood. And the place is ADOREable. They provide so many types of tea that you’re bound to find something you’ve never heard of. I didn’t want to be too adventurous though and opted for some oolong because I already knew I love it. Plus, it was quite hot, I was quite sweaty and an iced oolong sounded amazing… it was.

There was a single staff member there and she was so kind to my talkative friend who asked her many questions.  (She also gave him a couple free samples.) They don’t just sell tea there, they know tea, like academics. They hold classes, ceremonies and even take field trips to China to learn more with fellow tea enthusiasts.  There are walls of tea and tea sets. There is a small, beautiful room for classes as well. It almost makes me want to learn Korean to join in on the classes….almost.

The menu is entirely in Korean, but I posted two menu pictures below featuring the oolong tea and the snacks. If you don’t read Korean (hands up) its a great opportunity to invite your Korean friends. There is a few places to sit inside but has a pretty large patio.

Gongboocha 11

Gongboocha 10

Gongboocha 12

Gongboocha 9

Gongboocha 2

Gongboocha 8

Gongboocha 7

Gongboocha 14


Gongboocha 3

Gongboocha 13

Gongboocha 4

Gongboocha 5

Gongboocha 6

Gongboocha 15

Gongboocha Study Room

Gongboocha Study Room 2

Gongboocha 16

Gongboocha 17

Gongboocha 18

Gongboocha Menu

Gongboocha Menu Snacks

Oolong Tea 2

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea 5

Oolong Tea 4

Oolong Tea 3


Gongboocha | Chinese Traditional Tea House

Address: Gangnam-gu Nonhyeon-dong 134-14

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