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Bongeunsa Temple | Gangnam

Seoul, South Korea

Directions: Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 6.
                       Go 600m forward, and turn left.
                       Go 150m forward, and cross the road to arrive at Bongeunsa Temple.

Website: Bongeunsa |The head temple of the Seon Buddhism|

Bongeunsa Temple 29


Bongeunsa Temple 2Bongeunsa Temple 11Bongeunsa Temple 10Bongeunsa Temple 9Bongeunsa Temple 12Bongeunsa Temple 24Bongeunsa Temple 19Bongeunsa Temple 34Bongeunsa Temple 35Bongeunsa Temple 17Bongeunsa Temple 16Bongeunsa Temple 4


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