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Cornbread Waffles with Kimchi & Eggs

I recently redid my kitchen basically because my toaster oven died. The old girl served me well for three years but it just couldn’t handle my cooking prowess anymore.  My upgrade was exceptionally larger and could no longer go on top of my bitty refrigerator anymore. So I had to buy a new table to fit the new oven. The new island transformed my kitchen from boring to modern and fun. And my new oven came with LOADS of free stuff including baking sheets, a pizza pan, roasting pans, muffin pans, an electric food scale AND a waffle maker! Korean “service” never ceases to amaze me! (service = free stuff!) I have been pinning waffle recipes like crazy and decided that this weekend was the weekend to break that waffle maker in. I was craving savory and so I settled in on a cornbread waffle recipe to hit the- rainy Saturday brunch -spot. NOTES: These are best eaten the day you make them but I froze a bunch to toast up and slather with butter later. …

Creamy Tofu Soup

The air is frosty already and the leaves are beautifully shriveling. Comfort of food is needed. Otherwise, I have to turn on my floor heater (which is ah-mazing) and spend all my food money on heating. Frankly, I’d rather spend it on ingredients. SOUP! It is soup time in the world of South Korea. (Actually, Koreans eat soup all year long for damn near every meal, but I’m working with my sensibilities.) Cold weather means soup to me and since I’ve grown to like tofu and don’t buy cream anymore, it seemed like the perfect consistency for a cream alternative. This was a kitchen experiment so the amount is quite small, perhaps enough for two bowls of soup. You can always double the recipe or add alternate ingredients to bulk this puppy up. The soup is basically a nondairy cream alternative that can be used as a base for creamy soups. And it tastes goo-ood. The trick is to take away the tofu smell-taste. That’s where the garlic comes in! Garlic covers a multitude of sins in the …

Olive Oil Drop Biscuits with Goat Cheese & Rosemary

Yes, biscuits made well are a thing of unbelievable perfection. However, we don’t always have time to make a “real” biscuit considering there are full episodes of Absolutely Fabulous on Youtube and stomachs are growling. And by proper biscuits, I do mean the kind where you need to roll out the dough, cut the dough, try to keep the dough cool and bake them until they glow in the oven’s warm love. But, forget about those when you don’t have time, because this drop biscuit recipe is absolutely fabulous itself! I didn’t have butter. But, I had olive oil, fresh rosemary and goat cheese. I knew I could whip something up because those ingredients are gold around these parts. These biscuits take about half the time as a traditional biscuit but hold amazing flavor and ….let’s be honest….when is a chunk of bread fresh out of the oven ever THAT bad?? Remember with a drop biscuit, the main thing is not to over-mix the batter and  just leave it be once it’s mixed. If you keep messing …

Roasted Bok Choy & Tofu Dumplings

Oh dumplings, never change… This was only my third or fourth attempt at making dumplings (mandu if you’re in Korea) and it does get easier to get them all together but with endless possibilities for flavor, its hard to choose what to use. You need something that will make a little heft for a nice bite.  If you’re not a meat eater, I would suggest the tofu like I used here. glass noodles or more vegetables (cabbage, onions, something sturdy). The trick is the filling to dumpling wrapper ratio…it will be everything. You’re not a machine, you can’t fill up your dumpling like a store bought one unless you are really, really talented. So don’t beat yourself up if it takes a bit to figure out the ratio. Practice, fail, keep trying. That’s the way to do it. You could also just make a little half circle dumpling. There’s no shame in that shape and I’ve done it myself. They’re great for frying, actually. But, I made these in the shape of dumpling that’s good for …

Crispy Potato Roast

I haven’t made a Martha recipe in a long time but I had a bag of potatoes in my cabinet that were growing more ears than I care to talk about. Nightmares. They needed to be used quickly and I didn’t have the patience for a bunch of baked potatoes, however delicious they are. So I scoured my Pinterest board and found this puppy staring back at me. It’s a bit of cutting and I sliced them by hand, which is why mine are larger than the original. I couldn’t be bothered to find my mandolin. Lazy. I also left the skin on because, I’m sorry, that’s the best part. Why was it cut off in the beginning??  I don’t understand. Crispy potato skin is the stuff of heaven. Click for the recipe!

Fried Tofu Sandwich | with Ssamjang Mayo

After a weekend trip to Decadentville via Ryunique, I decided I better eat cheap last week and had one of these little scrumptious babies nearly every day. They are so good, you all, and it has been a long journey to tofu meals for me. I used to vehemently hate tofu, even after coming to Korea. I didn’t appreciate the texture, I would compare it to the fatty part of a chicken, and hated when people told me it could, “taste like whatever you cook it with.” Umm…gross.

Mushroom & Egg Tart

HOW super cute is this tart? It would make the most darling centerpiece for your next brunch, amiright? It’s not technically a quiche, although it looks like one, there’s no cheese, no dairy at all actually. It has a layer of mushroom paste under the egg and extra mushrooms and greens on top. The tart crust is from an awesome coconut oil pie dough recipe that I use now for all my pie needs. It’s vegetarian/non dairy but could be transformed into whatever you would like. Give it a whirl! The most time consuming part is making the mushroom paste but this recipe yields a lot and you can use the leftover for things like dips, pasta or dumplings. Or fried dumplings…like me.  Mmmmm…fried. My tart pan is itsy bitsy so I had extra dough and mushroom paste.

Polenta & Roasted Garlic, Brussels Sprouts and Sunchokes

Wholly satisfying? Check.  Crap load of flavor? Check. Interesting tuber so good when roasted it will entice your eaters to say, “Oh! What’s THAT? I want more of that, lady!” Check. This is one of the best meals I have made this season with a great mix of excellent tastes and textures. The creamy polenta is amazing against the slightly crisped garlic, sprouts and sunchokes. It looks beautiful and tastes even better. The great thing is you can still get creamy polenta without any dairy but if you want to add it, feel free. I made this one vegan so it would be a terrific main, but it would be a standout side dish, too.

Homemade Spinach Tortillas

Yeah. It’s not so hard. That’s the main thought I had while concocting this kitchen experiment. It is just a few main ingredients, some optional add ins for flavor and there you have it, your own spinach tortillas that are not infused with chemicals and preservatives (same same). And, dare I say it, they are so much better. Like so much better, you guys.

Roasted Tomato Soup

Nothing could be easier to make on a cold, cold winter’s night. If you have a few fingers, an oven and a blender, you will have this flavorful soup in under an hour. It took me longer, of course, because I have the world’s tiniest oven.But it was worth it. This is not your Campbell’s soup. It’s chunky and packed with delicious smells of garlic and rosemary. I’m going to keep this short because, its reflective of the soup. 😀