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Ryunique | A Review

First of all, don’t I feel an ass titling this A Review considering this restaurant was chosen as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world by Diner’s Club Academy. But, I’m only giving it that title for continuity to all the other restaurants I’ve tried in Korea and on this blog. I won’t pretend to know more about food than the experts of Diner’s Club so I’m really just going to share my experience with you! It was a haute cuisine themed blast and I couldn’t wait for each new course. That’s the sign of something special in a restaurant. It was like being on a food playground!

Top Cloud | A Review

  Oh, gentle Top Cloud, why must you be so incredibly expensive? This, sadly, was my main thought as I sat through my many course meal looking out at an amazing view of Seoul city + mountains. I knew what the bloggers have said about Top Cloud. I read that the taste is nothing to write home about and that it is overpriced. I tried to convince my fellow food lover and friend, Phil, we should try something different and leave Top Cloud for a special time. But, after he saw pictures of the view, he wouldn’t hear of it. I am going to just spare you the suspense and put my review right here. There is nothing wrong with the food in preparation or asthetic. However, the bloggers are right, it is just okay food. While there is nothing wrong worth noting, there is nothing spectacular either. I was only blown away by the thought that everything just needed more flavor. Where was the flavor, TC?  I kept waiting for a dish to astonish me, as I …