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West Coast Living | Downtown Portland

Since my trip to the friendliest city in America, Portland, Oregon, was last summer, I guess it’s about time to write a little blurb about it. Yeah, Portland, it’s true. You have too many homeless. I don’t like seeing babies on the street with their mom who is begging. Not cool. There is definitely room for improvements to be made. But the charm of Portland still seeped through. There is old architecture and design through it’s entirety. At the time I visited it was a bit sleepy and calm. There is no real hustle and bustle. Just a city like you might see in the movies, where people can actually walk nonchalantly gossiping without getting in everyone’s way…or worse, being pushed out of the way by those in a bigger rush. A few places I wanted to hit while there were VooDoo Donuts, Finnegan’s Toy Store, Powell’s Books and food truck mecca. Although we went to VooDoo Donuts first, we were too late. Already there was a massive line for what I can assume are good but not worth …

Tap Rooms & Tapas | A Visit to Vancouver, Washington

Being a resident of South Korea, it is not often I have the chance to see old friends. After I secured a glorious three weeks off this year at work, I set about organizing my first trip to the West coast in over ten years. My friend, Gina lives in Vancouver, Washington, which holds (bff) hands with Portland, Oregon over the Columbia River. It is super cute. It has good coffee, beer and food. It is a very enjoyable little city that you should visit when you are in Portland.  So check out these pictures and get on down/up/over there! Downtown A wonderbeer tap room, the Old Ivy Brewery & Taproom. So many beers.  108 W Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver, Washington Charlie’s Bodega. Tapas all around!  1220 Main Street, Vancouver, WA