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The King Sejong Story

Last week we celebrated Hangeul Day in Korea. Hangeul is the written Korean language, the alphabet. It was created by a Joseon era king, King Sejong. He is rightly admired to this day as a king for the people, a renaissance man, and an all around decent guy.  So, to celebrate the upcoming day off of work, I visited the museum dedicated to telling his story. To foreigners, creating Hangeul is probably what King Sejong is best known for. Before that time, Koreans used Chinese characters to write the Korean language. It didn’t always work and, of course, only the rich folks knew how to read it. Sejong realized that everyday people needed the opportunity to read and write so he created a phonetic language that made sense and was easy to teach. Thus, the creation of Hangeul. Sejong, however, did many things to help his country. As much as royalty is a disgusting concept, you have to admire him, this was one guy who tried to do right by his countrymen and women. You can …

Jeju Island |Home of the Random Museums|

I’m not exaggerating to say that Jeju Island has the wackiest, strangest, most random museums bunched together in one place in the whole, entire world. It seems to entice people to visit this once isolated, tropical island was to pop up some wierdo museum in hopes of squeezing tourists out of their money and away from the beaches. I really don’t get it. I know Koreans aren’t one for sunbathing but these museums have nothing to do with the island. The only reason I agreed to go to so many was mainly because it was either raining or I thought it would be a nice respite from the heat. Not that I didn’t have fun. I had fun. I just would have preferred some of their more relative museums like the O’Sollac Tea Museum, The Jeju Chocolate Museum, the Botanical Gardens or an art museum. But, my friend likes wacky, so we did wacky. Life is about compromise, right?

Dreaming of Jeju |2010|

In two days I’m heading to Jeju Island for summer vacation. It has been four years since I’ve been and the first visit, while relaxing and fun,  was in December and quite cold, windy and rainy. It was still beautiful and picturesque but I am looking forward to seeing the tropical isle during the warmest days of the year. To get myself into a cleaning/packing mood I decided to have a look at old pictures, dust them off and post them. I am looking forward to seafood, sunshine, touring, beaches and…probably…crazy crowds. |Jeju| A volcanic island off the south coast of Korea has been called the, “Hawaii of South Korea.”  I assume its only called that because more people know of Hawaii than Jeju but it seems like a silly moniker.  Sure they are both volcanic and tropical…but Jeju is still distinct. Jeju sets itself apart from the rest of Korea by culture and language since it has been isolated from the mainland for the most part. One of the most interesting aspects of Jeju is …