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Taejongdae | a brief guide

Beautiful views. Cool breezes. The smell of pine and ocean together. Taejongdae offers all these things and is a great little getaway in Busan. I was thoroughly impressed with the beauty and atmosphere offered here. Just like every tourist place in Korea, there were hundreds of people at the base of the mountain in the shops, buying souvenirs and coffee and  waiting to take the trolley up. But, if you walk up on foot, which is a reasonable incline but not taxing (I did it in flip flops), it is wonderfully peaceful (something rare and beautiful in Korea at times) and you can get much better views for a much longer time. The blue ocean views from the cliffs were very calming and we seemed to be the only visitors to the small temple on our way up. It is a charming place altogether. And one I would recommend. Taejongdae To get there: From Busan Station, take Bus 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae Cliff Bus Stop. Other buses bound for Taejongdae: No. 8, 13, 30, 88, or 101. …

BBQ Tofu Sliders with Black Bean Salad

Hey…so…these are really good, and you should probably think about making them. Need a Meatless Monday recipe? Here it is. Need to stretch those dollars with cheap recipes? Tofu is cheaper than meat! Don’t like tofu? No problem, roasting it and letting it bask in the love that is barbecue sauce hides a multitude of sins. These sliders are earth friendly, sweet and tangy. NOTES: Make the salad ahead of time and let it sit for a bit to get the juice flowing.  To create a crispy tofu crust, you will need to roast it at two different temps before adding the BBQ sauce. Bonus: No need to press the tofu in this recipe! Vegan Option: Omit the fried egg and mayonnaise. Ingredients for the sliders 1 package of firm tofu 2 ciabatta sandwich rolls handful of microgreens or sprouts mayonnaise favorite brand of BBQ sauce (about 1/2 cup) olive oil, salt & pepper for roasting 1-2 fried eggs (optional) Ingredients for the salad 1 can black beans, drained 1 can sweet corn, drained 1 halved and …

Frozen Foam Beer |A Review|

I probably would not have done a review of this fantabulous summertime treat but I see it popping up all over my Seoul neighborhood and I wanted to encourage you to try it. I had this bad boy on the last night of my Jeju vacation. I might have had a couple, I can’t remember. I wanted something cold and refreshing and this just sounded weird enough for me. So…what is it? It is regular beer with a frothy, icy, lemon flavored foam on top that tastes like beer shaved ice. It is a Willy Wonka Wonderful adult treat right up there with Lobster Mac + Cheese or Game of Thrones. If you happen across a place selling these, as we are still in the twilight of summer, give it a whirl. I think the appeal will wear off when it is bone chilling cold outside!

Black Bean + Strawberry Salad

Super easy, lots of healthy things included but tastes like a perfect combination of savory and sweet. It’s wonderful on its own, with tortilla chips or in a taco. I made scallop soft tacos with a homemade whole wheat tortilla. It’s was divine.   You need:   One can of black beans rinsed really well 1/2 a cucumber, diced 10-12 strawberries, diced roughly handful of cilantro, roughly torn salt + white pepper to taste, white pepper is a bit more mild and works better with the strawberries, if you don’t have it, you can omit the pepper 1 teaspoon lime juice   To prepare:   Gently mix your beans, cucumber, strawberries and cilantro until incorporated. Add your salt + white pepper and lime juice, mix gently once more until it is all mixed then let sit for at least an hour to really let the tastes meld.   All done!     Check out more food recipes at East Meets West Tennessee!