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A Brief Guide to Gamcheon | Busan

The colors. The COLORS. Gamcheon Village, located in sunny Busan, is a beauty and conundrum to behold. Built into the sides of a mountain, the former slum is a kaleidoscope of pastel colored Tetris pieces, painted in 2009 to entice spectators and tourists up one hell of a steep slope. And it is worth it, if only for the spectacular views and creativity. Tourists have access to so many places in Gamcheon, walking around what feels like people’s private properties. One might wonder how they get the necessities of life into the cozy, cement houses nestled so close to one another. I caught a glimpse inside one residence to see a full size refrigerator, the likes of which I don’t have, and could not stop thinking about what they had to do to maneuver that beast up the mountain slope and through the nonexistent “streets” the rest of the trip. I was at once both envious and confused. Gamcheon is dotted with galleries, street art, street food and cafes.  I loved all the colors, the vibrant feel, the artisanal quality of …

|Review| Street Churros

Neighborhood churros cranked out of a machine in dough and fried before your very eyes? Yeah, I’ll take 12. Ok…ok…just one for now. But I will be back! The cinnamon and sugar goodness was perfection on a summer night. I love the combos at this little stop in Gangnam. They have a 1/2 churro with ice cream or a churro and coffee. So clever! I know these are popping up around Seoul. Do yourself a favor and stop on by. As good as ice cream is, you don’t want it every single day. Phil anxiously awaiting his first ever churro