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A Brief Guide to Gamcheon | Busan

The colors. The COLORS. Gamcheon Village, located in sunny Busan, is a beauty and conundrum to behold. Built into the sides of a mountain, the former slum is a kaleidoscope of pastel colored Tetris pieces, painted in 2009 to entice spectators and tourists up one hell of a steep slope. And it is worth it, if only for the spectacular views and creativity. Tourists have access to so many places in Gamcheon, walking around what feels like people’s private properties. One might wonder how they get the necessities of life into the cozy, cement houses nestled so close to one another. I caught a glimpse inside one residence to see a full size refrigerator, the likes of which I don’t have, and could not stop thinking about what they had to do to maneuver that beast up the mountain slope and through the nonexistent “streets” the rest of the trip. I was at once both envious and confused. Gamcheon is dotted with galleries, street art, street food and cafes.  I loved all the colors, the vibrant feel, the artisanal quality of …

A Brief Guide to Seminyak | Bali

Start your day with a gorgeous breakfast at Bali Deli’s Le Spot.  Get some lattes, some eggs and fresh fruit and prepare for hours of relaxation. Make a morning appointment at Prana Spa. This was the best thing I could have spent money on. We were massaged, scrubbed, slathered in yogurt and otherwise pampered every glorious minute in this unique destination. Then explore Seminyak on foot. Look for the beautiful offerings. Watch where you walk, you might just knock one over. If it starts to rain, just tuck into a bar and drink these lemony beers. Bintang Railler is amazing. Hello, Indonesia! Street art sits adjacent from offerings and tropical flowers. Then it was back to our little slice of Bali paradise, our Airbnb rental. It looks like this home has been relocated per the owner, but, I would recommend the new place. The owner is very accommodating and the house we stayed in was terrific. The new Villa Marjens 3 looks beautiful as well.  Here was Villa Marjens 3 when we stayed. The green gateway to heaven. Is it vacation time yet?

Hongdae | Street Art

This is just a sprinkling of what you can find in Hongdae, near Hongik University,  as far as the street art goes. But, good god, it was a fantastic day to be there last Wednesday during the Lunar New Year! Very little in the way of “crowds” and most of the stores were still open. We had to hunt for a restaurant because many were closed but we got lucky on that end as well. I really just wanted to be out in the sun, taking pictures of all things colorful and spray paint filled. There is some real talent in those cans. And there is a lot more to take in, so head down there in the morning sometime before the waves of people buying cheap clothes and jewelry crush you under their brand new shoes.  This trip really geared me up for spring and jacket wearing weather. Come on, April!

Mullae Art Village

Updated August 18, 2016 Mullae Art Village, by all accounts, probably shouldn’t be there. But, there it is, a little artist’s island in the middle of an industrial park. It’s quite stark with the ironworks surrounding the art, but it’s brimming with creativity painted all over the walls with murals and in the unique and eerie sculptures. It’s a great place to visit on a holiday or quiet morning. I went on a holiday and only myself and a few other photogs were there. I imagine that it is much more lively during the week, but maybe harder to take pictures. This little village is recommended for anyone who enjoys street art and paintings of cats. Who doesn’t want to see pictures of cats? See more pictures on my Flickr! Mullae Village in Mullae-dong To get there: Take Line 2 (Green Line) to Mullae Station and take Exit 7. Walk straight about 50 yards and you will come to the entrance sign. Just explore all around from there.