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Salon de Ddalki | Strawberry Salon

Strawberry, I ❤ you. There’s an amazing phenomenon that happens in Seoul during the winter strawberry season. The grand hotels of this great city decided several years ago that just buying strawberries in the local mart was not enough to truly enjoy this delicious season. So, as if in protest, they all began having gorgeous strawberry buffets all around the city. Just do a search for strawberry buffets in Seoul and you’ll see examples from the Intercontinental, Lotte Hotel, Renaissance Seoul and the JW Marriott.  And it was at the last one, the JW Marriot,  I found myself last weekend, much to my inner child’s delight! The Salon de Ddalki (Strawberry Salon) was every girl’s  pink paradise. They knew exactly who they were catering to and I have to give them ample admiration for that. Seoul may be the only place in the world who could properly do a retro French theme of Barbie proportions like Salon de Ddalki. The place was covered in girly goo love from the pink color of the server’s princess cut dresses, to the strawberry pillows, the …

Vegan | Strawberry Banana Bread

Quick breads are the best….dessert, snack, breakfast…the best.  I also love the whole “dump everything into this bowl and mix it up then bake it” kind of recipe. It’s the lazy-lady’s everything. And that’s what this is, basically. It’s chock full of strawberries and bananas so its just perfect for these slightly warmed up days. Can you feel it, guys??  It’s almost spring!! Eat some quick bread and get outside!

Black Bean + Strawberry Salad

Super easy, lots of healthy things included but tastes like a perfect combination of savory and sweet. It’s wonderful on its own, with tortilla chips or in a taco. I made scallop soft tacos with a homemade whole wheat tortilla. It’s was divine.   You need:   One can of black beans rinsed really well 1/2 a cucumber, diced 10-12 strawberries, diced roughly handful of cilantro, roughly torn salt + white pepper to taste, white pepper is a bit more mild and works better with the strawberries, if you don’t have it, you can omit the pepper 1 teaspoon lime juice   To prepare:   Gently mix your beans, cucumber, strawberries and cilantro until incorporated. Add your salt + white pepper and lime juice, mix gently once more until it is all mixed then let sit for at least an hour to really let the tastes meld.   All done!     Check out more food recipes at East Meets West Tennessee!