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BBQ Tofu Sliders with Black Bean Salad

Hey…so…these are really good, and you should probably think about making them. Need a Meatless Monday recipe? Here it is. Need to stretch those dollars with cheap recipes? Tofu is cheaper than meat! Don’t like tofu? No problem, roasting it and letting it bask in the love that is barbecue sauce hides a multitude of sins. These sliders are earth friendly, sweet and tangy. NOTES: Make the salad ahead of time and let it sit for a bit to get the juice flowing.  To create a crispy tofu crust, you will need to roast it at two different temps before adding the BBQ sauce. Bonus: No need to press the tofu in this recipe! Vegan Option: Omit the fried egg and mayonnaise. Ingredients for the sliders 1 package of firm tofu 2 ciabatta sandwich rolls handful of microgreens or sprouts mayonnaise favorite brand of BBQ sauce (about 1/2 cup) olive oil, salt & pepper for roasting 1-2 fried eggs (optional) Ingredients for the salad 1 can black beans, drained 1 can sweet corn, drained 1 halved and …

Reminiscing | Seoul’s Cherry Blossoms 2014

Seoul’s on the edge of Cherry Blossom season. A little honesty- after 4 1/2 years here in Korea, I’m over it. I do not ever feel like fighting the throngs of couples lining every street that happens to have these beautiful, delicate trees to get the perfect photo op. Seeing the cherry blossoms are  a bucket list item, for sure, but once you’ve dumped it in your bucket, it’s not worth being tangled up in the mess. Go see them once or twice and then, let the couples get their 100 pictures. In 2014, my sister and brother in law visited me in Seoul. Not only was I thrilled because it the one and only time anyone from back home has visited me here, but I was excited just to show them everything I loved about Korea. They arrived at the end of April so I told them we’d be lucky to see any cherry blossoms at that point. My sister really wanted to see the trees so I thought we would head to the National Assembly, where I …

Salade |Nicoise|For One

So this recipe would be AMAZING for a lunch with friends you want to impress. It’s fresh, salty, bitter, soft and crunchy. The dressing is tangy and delicious. I absolutely loved it and wished I had someone to show off to…congrats blog readers, you are that person. As this is for one, you will want to add more for a crowd of…more than one…which I consider  a crowd. NOTE: This is not wholly a true Nicoise salad because my olives are Spanish, not Nicoise, the dressing is my own take on the traditional dressing and I couldn’t bear to add anchovies.  I used this Saveur recipe and rolled with it. Ingredients: 1 radish, sliced 1/2 a cucumber, halved then sliced 1 small potato or 1 new potatoes 4 cherry tomatoes, halved 1/4 of tuna in oil handful of black olives, halved handful of green beans, blanched 1 hard boiled egg handful of capers For the dressing 1/4 yellow onion, minced 1 tbs honey mustard 1 tbs whole mustard seeds salt + pepper to taste 1/4 olive …

Little Urban Garden

In my tiny apartment, in my tinier kitchen, I love to cook. I am still a beginner. I haven’t figured out all the ins and outs of sauces and flavorings and that is what I want to improve on. So I needed some fresh herbs to create some amazing tastes. I bought these four plants to begin my new garden. Truth be told, I actually bought seeds quite a while back, planted the suckers and watched brown soil every day for just a spark of green.  Didn’t happen. I assume it was a “no sunlight” situation because of their placement. The cute pots I used for the seeds would never fit in the bitty space I have on my windowsill. So these four, humble plants in plastic pots will be my new urban garden. I am actually really, really excited!

Flowers of Seoul

The warm weather came a bit early this year. I am both happy and horrified at the sudden warmth of the city. Summer will come way too soon…like a Hollywood blockbuster sequel. It’s gonna be crazy and just as bad as I’m expecting!