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Kimchi | Nachos

Kimchi nachos are a thing and they are really dynamite. KA-BOOM. The totally cook a rific thing about these is that you can dress them up just like any other nachos: to your preference. Mine were vegetarian but you can add meat or your own cheese. One thing you do want to do, however, when heating the ingredients up all together, is do use an oven, not a microwave. I’m not quite sure how good kimchi would be in the microwave and what on earth it would smell like afterwards. (Your microwave, I mean.) Plus, it gives the chips a bit more crisp, rather than sogginess.

Japanese Sushi Bar |Hyundai Department Store Food Court|

  Rich people’s malls are not like your mall. That’s what I learned by my couple of experiences at Hyundai Department Store. Besides there being your run of the mill luxury items: Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc…They have amazing food experiences. The grocery store is mystical and there are about two clerks per every customer (only slight exaggeration) who watch your every move in case you may decide to buy something and there might be some method in which they can assist you immediately. They also have amazing food counters. Fresh, amazing foods are coming out of its ears. Their “food court” is loaded with homemade baked goods like mile high pies, 60,000 won abalones, cow meat that would cost me about 1/2 a month’s pay…. it’s pretty amazing. They also have sushi conveyor belts, because, why not? So after a long day of eating and shopping…it was time to have a “snack” of sushi. Because, why not? It’s not amazing sushi but it will do in a pinch.