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BBQ Tofu Sliders with Black Bean Salad

Hey…so…these are really good, and you should probably think about making them. Need a Meatless Monday recipe? Here it is. Need to stretch those dollars with cheap recipes? Tofu is cheaper than meat! Don’t like tofu? No problem, roasting it and letting it bask in the love that is barbecue sauce hides a multitude of sins. These sliders are earth friendly, sweet and tangy. NOTES: Make the salad ahead of time and let it sit for a bit to get the juice flowing.  To create a crispy tofu crust, you will need to roast it at two different temps before adding the BBQ sauce. Bonus: No need to press the tofu in this recipe! Vegan Option: Omit the fried egg and mayonnaise. Ingredients for the sliders 1 package of firm tofu 2 ciabatta sandwich rolls handful of microgreens or sprouts mayonnaise favorite brand of BBQ sauce (about 1/2 cup) olive oil, salt & pepper for roasting 1-2 fried eggs (optional) Ingredients for the salad 1 can black beans, drained 1 can sweet corn, drained 1 halved and …

Fried Tofu Sandwich | with Ssamjang Mayo

After a weekend trip to Decadentville via Ryunique, I decided I better eat cheap last week and had one of these little scrumptious babies nearly every day. They are so good, you all, and it has been a long journey to tofu meals for me. I used to vehemently hate tofu, even after coming to Korea. I didn’t appreciate the texture, I would compare it to the fatty part of a chicken, and hated when people told me it could, “taste like whatever you cook it with.” Umm…gross.

|Review| Double Trouble

In the back alley of the most annoying of all the Gangnam Streets, is a basement restaurant that I heard through the viral grapevine had a fairly accurate representation of a Philadelphia Cheese Steak. I was game. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had a cheesesteak. I lived in Philly for a bit in a previous life and had the fortune to try the sandwich on it’s home turf. When done correctly, it’s a sandwich that melts in your mouth with warmth, salt and cheese. The bread should be warm. The meat should be salty. The cheese should be cheesy.  It’s a real work of art when done right. I’m really happy with this place for one main reason. They don’t pretend to be ultra authentic. It’s obviously a Western/Korean fusion restaurant. They have ddeok and cheese as a dish. The corn on the cob was coated in mayo. The Philly Cheese Steak is actually called a Seoul Cheese Steak. The honesty doesn’t go unnoticed. There’s nothing worse than advertising some authentic place and then biting …