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Olive Oil Drop Biscuits with Goat Cheese & Rosemary

Yes, biscuits made well are a thing of unbelievable perfection. However, we don’t always have time to make a “real” biscuit considering there are full episodes of Absolutely Fabulous on Youtube and stomachs are growling. And by proper biscuits, I do mean the kind where you need to roll out the dough, cut the dough, try to keep the dough cool and bake them until they glow in the oven’s warm love. But, forget about those when you don’t have time, because this drop biscuit recipe is absolutely fabulous itself! I didn’t have butter. But, I had olive oil, fresh rosemary and goat cheese. I knew I could whip something up because those ingredients are gold around these parts. These biscuits take about half the time as a traditional biscuit but hold amazing flavor and ….let’s be honest….when is a chunk of bread fresh out of the oven ever THAT bad?? Remember with a drop biscuit, the main thing is not to over-mix the batter and  just leave it be once it’s mixed. If you keep messing …

Roasted Tomato Soup

Nothing could be easier to make on a cold, cold winter’s night. If you have a few fingers, an oven and a blender, you will have this flavorful soup in under an hour. It took me longer, of course, because I have the world’s tiniest oven.But it was worth it. This is not your Campbell’s soup. It’s chunky and packed with delicious smells of garlic and rosemary. I’m going to keep this short because, its reflective of the soup. 😀

Roast | Chicken

I never thought to brine anything. I often don’t want to add an extra step to what should be terribly easy, like a roasted chicken.  But, it was Thanksgiving and turkeys in this country can run about $80 and you can absolutely forget about finding an organic turkey.  So I thought that I’d treat my little non-GMO, non-antibiotic chickens with some respect. I brined the little guys and the meat simply fell right off the bone after roasting. This chicken was ahhmazing. So if you are looking to make your chicken a bit more special, think about a simple brine. You only have to plan ahead overnight. And, if you’re like me, that’s about as far in advance as I can think about dinner. Also of note, I don’t have a roasting pan so I used onions to prop up the birds. The drippings make the most unbelievable gravy if you so choose. I served the onions on the side with the chicken. Ingredients:  2 (2-3 pound) whole chickens. NOTE: Chickens in Korea are infinitely smaller …

Little Urban Garden

In my tiny apartment, in my tinier kitchen, I love to cook. I am still a beginner. I haven’t figured out all the ins and outs of sauces and flavorings and that is what I want to improve on. So I needed some fresh herbs to create some amazing tastes. I bought these four plants to begin my new garden. Truth be told, I actually bought seeds quite a while back, planted the suckers and watched brown soil every day for just a spark of green.  Didn’t happen. I assume it was a “no sunlight” situation because of their placement. The cute pots I used for the seeds would never fit in the bitty space I have on my windowsill. So these four, humble plants in plastic pots will be my new urban garden. I am actually really, really excited!