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Giani’s Napoli Pizzeria | A Review

Conversation that led to the slight disagreement that led to Phil  conceding to go to Giani’s Napoli Pizzeria. Me: (after searching for a frustratingly twenty minutes on my Pinterest board for a place to eat dinner) I know! Let’s go to that Napoli Pizza place in Garosugil! Phil: B-b-but you said we can’t go there until you have done really well on your diet and… Me: Phil. Phil: You told me last time! You said we can’t go until you are doing really well on your diet! Me: Phil, do you really want to be saying this? Phil: Okay. Let’s go there. He meant well, of course. Phil is trying hard to be my cheerleader of eating better. It’s obviously not an easy task. And while I was not doing terrifically on a diet, I had been good for most of the week. 🙂 That was good enough for me! Plus it’s thin crust pizza. How many calories can it possibly hold?? The pizza is pretty nice. It could benefit from a longer baking time to make …

Brew 3.14 | A Review

Saturday night is reserved for pizza. Most nights can be reserved for pizza but I decided that it was Saturday last week. Phil and I headed down to Brew 3.14, which just happens to be owned by the Seoul Eats founder, Daniel Gray. Seoul Eats is the blog for info on all things related to food for us expats.  There are food tours and reviews galore on the page if would like to peruse it. Phil and I didn’t have any pizza off the standard menu, which is quite short but I like that in a restaurant.  We ordered the special, white spinach pizza and a cheese calzone. The pizza is on fire.  The crust is thin and crispy, the ingredients are well paired and I really enjoyed it. We got a bruschetta freebie to dip our crusts into and it tasted fresh and aromatic. It was a really great addition. We washed it down with a couple of craft beer Namsan Pilsners which were de-lish. If I lived on the north side I’d be there once a week. Sadly …

|Review| Brick Oven New York Pizza

Oh, Korea and your weirdo pizzas. You cause all us foreigners to seek out establishments like Brick Oven with a vengeance. I’ve been to this restaurant twice and it is always loaded with foreigners and gyopos.  They even have western staff working there…that’s how much we love it. This review of Brick Oven is one of hundreds online so I’ll be brief. This is good pizza. There is a beautiful brick oven in the kitchen and you can smell the pizza from the street. It calls you in like a siren…and if I was going to fall for any siren, it would be the Siren of Good Pizza. Directions: Click Here! 617-4 Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea +82 2-508-1325