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Hangang Summer Picnic

It is summer in Korea. I am hot and sweaty when I walk down the street so it officially summer in my book. That’s okay, though, because last weekend I made a fun-tastic picnic and hung out at the river all day. I am indoorsy by nature, but a little preparation goes a long way! Take your food, beverages and entertainment and you too can enjoy a little summer picnic fun. And there’s always people and dog watching, which makes the time fly by. If you are hoping to make a picnic day by the Han in Seoul, remember to go early to secure your spot under a tree! 

Rainy Day Picnic

I didn’t plan for a rainy day. In fact, yesterday was beautiful. Shining sun. Breezy. Perfect. Today I woke up to prepare for a picnic by the Han River. I was so excited, it doesn’t take much for me to get excited. But, looking outside I knew it was going to be cold. Cold and rainy. No sun, no breeze. Shit. We persevered and went on the picnic anyway. We found a table under a bridge and ate our lunch. It wasn’t perfect but it was peaceful. There’s always next weekend.   Chicken Recipe Kimbap Recipe