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Hangang Summer Picnic

It is summer in Korea. I am hot and sweaty when I walk down the street so it officially summer in my book. That’s okay, though, because last weekend I made a fun-tastic picnic and hung out at the river all day. I am indoorsy by nature, but a little preparation goes a long way! Take your food, beverages and entertainment and you too can enjoy a little summer picnic fun. And there’s always people and dog watching, which makes the time fly by. If you are hoping to make a picnic day by the Han in Seoul, remember to go early to secure your spot under a tree! 

Happy Birthday, Une Peach!

Just like in real life, my birthday wish is a bit belated for Une Peach. 🙂 In April I passed a year since my first post on this blog. It’s been a fun year as I continue to try and find the right voice and the right posts for it and I have loved thinking about how I want it to evolve. It’s like a living thing sometimes. The next year I will really be working towards weekly posts and more “lifestyle” and less “total food glutton.” But, ironically or not, this post will continue my total food glutton routine as I celebrated the year with a baby Nutella crepe cake! Want to make one? It’s pretty adorable.

Gigi’s Cupcakes | A Review

Sorry for the absence, folks! I’ve been down and out with a nasty bug and had no energy to eat, create or blog. Well, I mean, I could eat… I didn’t want to die. But, I found the most amazing information on Facebook while I was sick. There is now a truly beautiful cupcake store opened fifteen minutes from my apartment. A DANGEROUS fifteen minutes from my apartment. And these weren’t some god awful, dry Korean cupcakes…this was a American franchise called Gigi’s that started in Nashville, TN. The American South! Where they know how to make desserts the right way! The one place in the world where they have been taught since birth how to whip sugar and butter into something magical every single time. I practically floated into the store my expectations were so high.

Party | Flower Garland

It’s the season of the party. Get your garland making skills ready and impress your friends with your totally tubular taste.  Pick the colors that represent you and what you want your party to look like.  I made this one for any ‘ol occasion but decided to use it for my Thanksgiving table. I painted some truly heinous orange pumpkins to match the garland and it all really came together. The how-to it in the gallery below. Just click on the pictures to see the directions. Have fun!      What you need:  colored paper string or cord hot glue and gun scissors circles cut into 4.5″ diameters      

Thanksgiving | 2014

Oh, Thanksgiving! The food is good. The company is better.  The drinks are fabulous.  It’s a true holiday and we had a great one in my tiny apartment. I spent the week preparing for the meal and really busted a lot out on Friday after work. I cooked all day Saturday and cleaned and tried to keep the cats off the table.  But, it was a excellent evening, worth all the hard work. And after the bell tolled 12, I dropped like a brick into sleep. I’ll be posting  individual posts with recipes. Anything could be used again for Christmas…ohhh….Christmas!  Time to get started with those decorations. 😀