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Hoonje(훈제) ori(오리) | Smoked Duck

After walking around Insadong galleries and building up a monstrous appetite (doesn’t take much), I convinced Phil we needed to try a back alley, old school, touristy Korean restaurant. I’ve wanted to try one for so long and I did have to push a bit because Phil has Korean food everyday. But, I really don’t so I was desperate for some. Aaaand….I’m pretty pushy. Back alley restaurant it was!

Seafood | Pajeon | 파전

  Before the onslaught of Western dishes known collectively as Thanksgiving arrive to my blog, I thought I’d share a tasty Korean recipe from a very sleek cookbook. Bibigo is a huge company in Korea and it prides itself as making healthy and fresh food.  I was gifted a cookbook from this company and I really love the look of many of the recipes. This is the pajeon recipe that I started with.  It is a pretty easy little dish and I only messed up one part, but it didn’t really affect the taste. I’ll share that in the directions.  Happy Korean Eating! Ingredients 1 ounce of small, cleaned shrimp 3 ounces of squid, cleaned, gutted and sliced into pieces (I bought mine pre-cleaned and sliced) 2 ounces of green onion, cleaned and cut in long pieces 1 egg cooking oil soy sauce 1 ounce AP flour 1 Tbsp potato starch 2 ounces of water 1 Tbsp of Korean red pepper flakes Directions Whisk egg in bowl with a pinch of salt. Put to the side. Mix …

Makgeolli + Pajeon |Korean Night!|

I brought home some Jeju mandarin orange Makgeolli from my vacation and knew I wanted to share it with my fellow foodie friend Phil. (Woah, so many “f” sounds…) Makgeolli is not something I normally drink and I have rarely found one I liked.  It’s a Korean rice wine, originally considered a farmer’s drink,  made from mixing the rice with a fermentation starter. It has a milky color and sometimes has the taste of licking an Asian grocery store floor. Seriously. Sometimes its really bad. But, I went ahead and bought this one after the clerk in Jeju said it was very delicious. Traditionally with makgeolli you eat a Korean pancake called pajeon. Jeon means pancake. I wanted to make it, not buy it, but I cheated a bit. I used a premade mix from the store and only had to add water and the vegetables. I feel like I looked off my friend’s math test and only got a C grade…the mix wasn’t that great and it was so puffy for some reason. Next time …