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Amazingly Dressed | Goat Cheese

Do you need one shining star of a starter for your Christmas Party? Here it is! This goat cheese, as the name suggests, is amazing. Fully flavored goat cheese is topped in fresh herbs and olive oil. The rich goat cheese works perfectly with all the amazing herbs. I served it on Thanksgiving with homemade artisan bread, salt + peppered avocado and crispy radishes. Your guests will flippin love this one! Plus…cooking doesn’t get much easier! I made this in the morning and let it sit in the fridge until the night. The hardest part is finding a divine goat cheese. Fresh is best, folks!

|Korean| Goat Cheese

Meet my new Korean-organic-goat-cheese hookup! His name is Doug Huffer. He’s a foreigner. He owns Waeg Farm. And he and his wife make some of the most delicious cheese I’ve ever eaten! I am so excited to use this cheese in pretty much everything in the coming weeks!  Seriously. I’ve got so many things pinned on Pinterest just for the goat cheese I don’t know how I’ll get around to making them all…oh gawd…goat cheese… Goat cheese in Korea (like most real cheese) is imported and certifiably non-organic. For a small tube of goat cheese I could be out of 14,000 to 18,000 won. I bought 800 grams of goat cheese from Waeg Farm for 24,000 won including shipping. Here is an awesome article from the Korean Herald on Doug and the farm. Here is their Facebook page so you can check them out if you’re in Korea. If you want to order, just need to email them at: Tell them how many 200 gram containers of goat cheese you’d like. It’s 10,000 grams per container …